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    I need the primer arm for an old lee turret press

    The Titan Micro Charge is a replacement for the Lee.
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    Star Machine Works Under New Management

    I'm also in the NW part of the police state (unfortunately), maybe 30 mins from Bloomsbury. Are you/will you be setup to receive visitors?
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    Looking for a 380acp charge suggestion from experienced folks here. I normally load a PC'd Lee 356-95RF (actual 99gr) @ .905 oal with 2.9gr BE. Longer OAL's drop test but won't cycle through my wife's P238. Alliant only lists 2 .380 charges for BE-86, both for jacketed bullets. What would...
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    Painting Cast Boolits?

    The only pc equipment you really need in order to try it out is a toaster oven. Maybe you already have an old one you're willing to sacrifice for the endeavor? Lots of people find 'em at thrift shops for almost no cost. That and a bottle of HF red powder (or equivalent) for tumbling. Cost to...
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    Titegroup powder issues

    I'm a bit surprised at all the discussion here about oal without knowing exactly what bullet the op is using. Unless I missed something, all we know is it's 125gr lead. It appears the assumption has been that it's a LRN, but what if it's an SWC he's been seating way out there? An SWC may not...
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    Lee Charge Bar Mod For Dropping Small Charges

    Dennis from Titan wrote back that he had looked at this some time ago, but for various reasons the acb can't be made on a 3D printer. At least the mod to the original acb is easy enough and works well.
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    Lee Charge Bar Mod For Dropping Small Charges

    I've been using this mod for 4-5 years now. Works fine for me. Maybe the guys at Titan will make a properly engineered one with their plastic printing machine! I just made a request to them, as I have more than one Lee PM, not holding my breath though. <edit>Just noticed it's an old thread -...
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    CCI Small pistol primers $20/1k

    Saw this thread so figured I'd check it out for myself and wound up ordering 10,000. I haven't spent much on gun stuff this year, this is my first order from Midway since Jan or Feb. We even dropped our membership at the local range because things are tight. This was just too good a deal to...
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    Lee "Perfect" Powder Measure help (directions suck)

    I also bought the ppm for "log" powders. IMR 3031, 4198, 4895 as well as H4895 all drop consistently, whereas AA5744 varies up to .4gr. In order to achieve this though, I had to tap lightly on the base 10 times every time, both positions. Fewer taps resulted in greater variation. I don't...
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    BERRYS HBRN100gr. 380

    Berry 100HBRN, .980, [email protected]. I use the same specs for Rainier 100RN. On the target, I can't tell any difference between the two. Out of a Sig 238.
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    9mm, Which powder would you choose?

    I mostly use WSF for 9mm. Though I haven't tried HS-6, I would probably lean toward that of the powders you mentioned. My main reason would be to fill the case. I haven't looked it up but I'm assuming that load info is readily available. Other than potential metering issues, Unique is also a...
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    Starline 380 auto

    I've been using their 380 brass for the last 6-7 months. The only time I complain is when I lose some...arrrrgh! I have 1,000 more on the way, but of course I collect whatever I can at the range.
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    L&L AP flipping cases over before going down the tube from the hopper,help!

    I've run into this problem as well. Hornady should have made the thing with an adjustable plate on both sides of the opening. Thanks for posting this simple solution. I'll be trying it out tonight for sure!
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    Can burn rate be used to create unpublished loads?

    Why not contact Vihta Vuori? Maybe they'll say that they tried it but deemed it too dangerous for what you want to use it for.
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    Lee CC Turret press, little tip

    ^This is what I do. Also, a bolt, piece of dowel or stick could be shoved into the end of the hose. Use whatchya got.
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    9mm: is crimping always necessary

    Yeah, you just want to remove the bell. Not removing it could possibly lead to feeding issues even if they drop test ok. Just depends on your gun.
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    lee 3 die vs 4 die set

    With some of the FCD's you have to grind a little bit off the bottom edge of the die body. I don't recall which calibers require this, but I had one that was especially tough and subsequently read someone else's advice, tried it and it worked. I suspect it was 9mm. Once done, try using...
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    Hornady case feeder ceiling clearance

    I have no idea why that thread was closed, so I'm just going to point out one possibility to the OP of that thread. This may be of value to others in a similar situation. I'm not at home looking at my machine, but I'm pretty sure it's possible to shorten both the feed tube and the top of the...
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    Hand Priming Tools

    I have two RCBS Universal's - one for large and the other for small. I also have the APS strip model which I like a lot. If I ever have cash burning a hole in my pocket, I'll get a second one of them too. If I find myself in the market for another progressive, the APS system alone would have...
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    Loadmaster tweaks

    Mikes Reloading Bench