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    22 CAL. semi-auto handgun recommendation

    I have a couple of S&W's that run real well- on the inexpensive side, a 422, which you can also find in stainless as a 622 (not to be confused with their revolvers bearing the same model designation). A bit more expensive, a Model 41, a very nice target pistol. 22's being what they are, I'm sure...
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    What's your "never buy" gun?

    AK's. Bad juju.
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    USPSA questions about my guns and what division

    If it's a USPSA match you have to declare one division for the match. If your shotgun is open you're going to be scored open for each gun. You can download the entire rulebook at .
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    Town banned guns-Now what?

    If it's only airguns that are illegal, and you've got the legal acreage to shoot firearms, I think I'd get into shooting shotguns. Get a trap, a few cases of birds, and invite friends over to shoot. See if the PITA is hard of hearing.
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    Which 45 ACP bullet and load for USPSA

    I use 200 gr SWC, WW231. Lots of data for this combo out there.
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    ISHOT1000 Match Results 2008

    Blazer aluminum......
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    Stick up at gas station scenario

    The scenario I put forth was not hypothetical, it happened to me. I recognized the threat early enough to discourage the bad guys. They left, I left.
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    Stick up at gas station scenario

    It's just as likely that someone will try to hijack your car while you're pumping gas, and watching the $ total. Your car's worth more than the cash in the register, and the keys are probably in it. What do you do in that case? You're out in the open. will you see him/them approaching and...
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    Daily carry knife

    For daily carry- I'm kind of partial to Spyderco, with a bit of Chris Reeve thrown in. Working around the house, I usually have a Native in my pocket. Wearing business pants/Dockers I carry a Viele or mid size Goddard, the micarta is easier on the pockets. Wearing jeans I generally carry a large...
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    Jareds jewelers in Hurst, TX now posted 30.06

    Posted here in Colorado, too.
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    USPSA shooters-Keep an eye on your score sheet

    It's been that way from the beginning, it'll most likely be that way til the end. If people are involved, mistakes can be made. I've seen more mistakes in the shooter's favor than the other way.
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    Were your parents Anti or no?

    Anti? Not likely. Both my parents were former Marines.
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    1911 grips

    Ahrends combat -full checkered- on all of mine.
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    Remington model R-15 VTR, 223 rem

    They're the same rifle. Do you like camo or black? That's the only difference.
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    Full Length AR, 1/9 twist, what bullet weight?

    55gr soft point works best in mine.
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    Free floating barrel - whats it mean?

    Let me clarify- on ARs with the typical 2-piece handguards, the handguards touch the barrel, and slings/bipods are attached to the handguards. With a free-floating handguard that's not the case.
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    Free floating barrel - whats it mean?

    Plenty of ARs have floated barrels. Early on it was discovered that the downard pressure of a sling, or the upward pressure of a bipod would change point of impact. Mounting these on a floated forend eliminates this.
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    please post pics of your ar15

    Here are mine- Varminter at the top, Colt next down-also have 16" upper, Oly M4gery, Carbon 15.
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    Does anyone NOT use expensive hollowpoint ammo in their defensive handguns?

    .45 hardball. My pistol was built to run on it, that's what I use.