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    is it true?

    I'm with MCGunner. I got a side by side that I'm comfortable with and unless the Red army with trained ninja bears attacks I don't feel under powered. If someone breaks in I'll let my two grumpy dogs perform the tactical room sweeps while I sit and wait with some buckshot.
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    Just ordered some powder from a distributor through a friend..

    Only powder around here in northern IL seems to be BP and rifle powder. Plenty of 4227 for my 45 colt tho
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    J.P. Sauer 12g SxS

    Thanks, unless I can't manage to hit anything I'm sure I'll hold onto it. It's 28 inches. I for some reason assumed it was mod/full but maybe I'm getting that mixed up with some other doubles I was looking at. I don't see any markings that state it. Anyone have any guesses what the stamped leaf...
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    J.P. Sauer 12g SxS

    Well simply because a good working condition side by side for 350 isn't the biggest risk in the world. Felt good so I bought it. Plan to shoot it a ton and I'm not trying to turn a quick buck. To me it's worth the money, maybe not to others. My original post wasn't to find the worth but rather...
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    J.P. Sauer 12g SxS

    Wow thanks so much Jim, I've been digging all over the internet this morning trying to find out some info.
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    J.P. Sauer 12g SxS

    Was hoping you guys would help point me in the right direction. I bought a J.P. Sauer from a local gun shop for $350. Hopefully I didn't get taken but the gun felt great and seemed in nice condition. Anyone know the year it was manufactured and any other available details? Seems the serial...
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    does colt still make the saa?

    They still make them but they can be a little hard to find new. Bought one new a few months ago from GAT guns outside Chicago. Bought the last one they had in stock, but I noticed they got a few more in last week. When I was looking a few individuals gave me some shops to contact in other...