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    Aftermarket Optics Cut Slide for Glock 32

    Greetings all, I've moved from carrying my rather expensive Wilson 1911's to carrying my Glock 32, but I want to try out an optic other than irons. Given my having astigmatism and it causing issues with red dot sights on rifles, I don't want to commit to having my factory slide milled for an...
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    Need a new 1911

    I'm a long time 1911 user and have owned 1911's from Kimber, Colt, Les Baer, Springfield (both production and Custom Shop), and Les Baer. The least consistent 1911's for me have been Kimbers. I've had a few that are solid and a few that are absolute junk in need of a lot of tuning to make them...
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    1911 kimber vs s&w

    I've got a lot of experience with Kimber 1911's and the best I can say is my experience has been they are highly inconsistent out of the box and will inevitably need SOME tuning. Thing one with a Kimber is to dump their factory mags and get some good quality magazines from the likes of Wilson...
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    RMR and Minimalist Mount for MP5 Clone

    Anyone, Bueller, Bueller?
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    RMR and Minimalist Mount for MP5 Clone

    As the title indicates, I'm searching for a minimalist optic mount and optic for my new Century/MKE AP5 pistol. The gun comes with a claw type mount, but it extends far enough forward that I fear that it will interfere with reliably being able to lock or release the bolt. Alternatively, I...
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    What's your favorite 1911?

    My go to 1911 is a Wilson Combat full size. I carry a CQB Elite Daily and have a Protector Elite as a backup in the event the CQB goes down. Presently I'm eyeing a second CQB Elite
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    Picked up my first 9mm 1911 yesterday, shot it today

    Very nice gun and some good shooting. I'm right there with you on the two-toned 1911. One of the two 1911's that are in my carry rotation is a two toned government model in .45 ACP. I'm really getting the itch for a 9mm 1911 too, especially now after seeing this.
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    Pistol Red Dots and Astigmatism

    Well, after having tried a few different options, I've come to the conclusion that a red dot for my handguns just isn't as viable as standard iron sights. With the few that I tried, the dot was distorted by my jacked up eyes enough to make accuracy suffer compared to iron sights, and I was also...
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    Favorite Striker Fired Pistol?

    My all time favorite striker fired pistol is the Walther P99
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    Pistol Red Dots and Astigmatism

    I'll have to take a look at some pistol RDS. I currently run a Trijicon MRO on my rifle and keep the brightness on setting 3 or 4 of 8 and even with contacts or glasses, it's not a crisp dot. With glasses it's a star, and with contacts, it's more of a figure 8. I've also got an ACOG that I...
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    Pistol Red Dots and Astigmatism

    I'm starting to get curious as to whether a red dot on a pistol is right for me. I'm giving serious thought to a Sig P365XL with a red dot of some sort as the successor to my Walther PPS (because who doesn't want more magazine capacity in a small slim package), but I'm concerned that it may be...
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    IWB Holster for SIG 365 XL

    If you haven't looked into them, I'd highly recommend looking at Blackpoint Tactical. I have a few of their holsters, but REALLY like their Mini-Wing IWB Holster. It's a great low bulk holster that holds the gun very securely, spreads the weight out over a decent portion of the belt, and is...
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    1911 Conundrum - Do I EDC X9 or Not?

    The decision has been further complicated...There's the standard EDC 9 to consider as well. So many first world problems
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    1911 Conundrum - Do I EDC X9 or Not?

    It's sounding an awful lot like just get the CQB Elite Compact in 9mm. Never really cared to get a full size or commander 1911 in 9mm for the simple reason that I've typically preferred an HK for 9mm use, but having spent a lot more time shooting .45 ACP since the pandemic started and since I...
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    1911 Conundrum - Do I EDC X9 or Not?

    I find myself in a bit of a pickle. I will be taking delivery of a new Wilson Combat CQB Elite tomorrow (assuming my FFL gets everything logged in in time for me to get it on my way home from work), but in the time that I was waiting on my build from Wilson on that gun, I happened into a...
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    Discontinued Sig 1911 Super Target is it worth $1600?

    Nope. At $1600 you can get a far superior 1911. Take a look at a Springfield TRP, a Dan Wesson Valor, or a used Les Baer
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    Lets see those 1911's !!

    My EDC.
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    How about some 1911s

    My EDC Wilson Combat Protector Elite
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    Sig P228 Magazines

    Thanks again guys, I ended up scoring four of the MecGar 15 rounders. They look to be quality mags. Can't wait to get this gun out to the range to shoot.
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    Kimber opinions

    We'll call it imprudently hoping against hope that I'd get one that worked well...that and where I was living at the time, Kimber is about all that was stocked and available at gun shops in my neck of the woods.