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    assaulted by mob.... no good solutions

    Saw this video today and found the last few seconds to be interesting. The reporter says that the mob at least partially dispersed because a bystander went to his car and got a gun which he flashed at the mob. The comments on the gun start at 2:20 Report on theater attack
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    A gun shop episode that left a bad taste in my mouth...

    You are missing the part of the question about "why should he bother". There are other gun shops that he can go to and, it sounds like, get better prices. The shop owner had the right to ask him to leave before buying that woman's gun but the shop owner did not have the right to yell and...
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    A gun shop episode that left a bad taste in my mouth...

    Why is this the "mature" thing to do? The OP has already apologized and it sounds to me like he handled the situation very maturely while he was in the gun shop, why should he bother going back to apologize again?
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    For the Lady?

    Do not underestimate the importance of the cuteness factor!
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    Vandalism in westcliffe

    Since the neighbor is a woman there is also the possibility that the B&E was a stalker trying to scare her.
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    CCW, tell me where I am so against the grain

    You have a gun that you are comfortable with and can shoot well.... sounds like you are fine to me.
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    Taurus Buyer Be Warned

    Let's pretend that it is Taurus's policy to reimburse customers who send in gunsmithing receipts. How many fake gunsmithing receipts do you suppose they would get for guns that were never broken?
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    My mother really needs to learn, or, "How she got a gun pointed at her today."

    +1 And calling your mom's actions "boneheaded" is the pot calling the kettle black.
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    Ocoee Man Fires Back During Home Invasion

    If he's 37 this year then he was born in '73 so he would turn 18 in '91. I suspect the rest of his record is hidden in juvenile court.
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    What is going on with ammo????

    100 rds? really? gotta be a typo, a 100 rds won't even cover a good day at the range.
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    Via John Farnam: CHL holder murdered in Virginia

    The wife also had a CCW so your speculation doesn't really make that much sense. Maybe the guy wasn't carrying because his gun is really heavy and it sucks to jog and carry at the same time. (yes, it also sucks to jog and get beat up/robbed). Maybe, as someone pointed out, he was...
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    who names their guns?

    I don't name my guns but I don't think it's stupid to do so.
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    When do you draw?

    I am not assuming that they are going to be hypnotized by my gun. Go back and reread part 2, if they advance when i'm holding the gun then i'm assuming that my life is in danger and I can defend it by shooting. And i don't need both hands on the gun, i practice with both strong hand and...
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    When do you draw?

    Part 1 - yes I draw and then begin backing away Part 2 - i'm pulling out a cell phone and calling 911. if they come after me at that point then i'm going to assume my life is in danger and shoot to stop
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    Advice on Guns and the Significant Other

    Here's some more advice from a woman.... you need to leave her alone on this issue. No matter how much you don't like it, she doesn't want to hear about guns from you. As you said, she is immediately shutting you out. That being said, have you ever offered to take her sister shooting? If...
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    "arsenal" discovered/confiscated in New Jersey

    It says this It sounds an awful lot like this guy is part of a burglary ring and he is providing guns to BG's. I'm surprised at the responses to this article. The way I read it the police had a reason to come and question the guy, then he gets all squirrelly and grabs a gun. That...
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    New shooter: My wonderful wife!

    Sorry ddc, I didn't mean to imply that. I'm just curious about what triggered the interest. I'm actually a lot like your wife. When I find a hobby I often jump in with both feet. <g> For me I got into guns after finding out a couple different friends had guns and then reading an article...
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    My fiancee wants to buy us a HD shotgun... help!

    It's her money. Let her buy the pretty gun.
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    New shooter: My wonderful wife!

    I think its great that she's more interested in guns now. I have to admit though that I'm very curious about the "switch" that suddenly got flipped. I wonder what happened that suddenly put her over the edge.