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    Which would you choose?

    I chose a 2 1/2" Ruger 357 SP101 mid 90's for that kinda carry, I still like it.
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    Best .30/06

    I couldn't tell ya what is best to many variables there, but for a hunting or all around rifle a older Remington 700 is hard to beat for quality and price. I have been hunting deer and elk with one in a '06 over 25 years now and so far I am not feeling the need to look for a replacement.
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    Prairie Dog Video

    Well Bear, next time your in Idaho in the summer drop by for a BBQed elk steak, a few shrimp perhaps, and some fresh garden veggies with a Idaho baker. Mmmmmm, it must be about dinner time around here, the little lady will be home any minute. Maybe after chow we can go shoot some Whistle Pigs...
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    whats the best .22 plinking gun?

    The one you like and feels the best in your hands.
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    What a wretched thing... to have a torn soul...

    Bushmaster-Saiga? Quality American made firearm or Third world converted armament? No contest for me, the AR wins
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    Disney Thumbing Nose At The New Gun Law [FL]

    Well I dunno and I am all in favor of CCW, if you agreed to this rule when you were hired, you should honor you word doncha think? I would imagine you signed agreement to this policy on Disney property when you were hired.
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    Riflery Test

    Shawnee Do the other 3 and post us pics.
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    FBI Chief Faults Heller Ruling

    exactly! Post hast!
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    Ted Nugent on Heller

    When they drafted me in 69 I went, I didn't wanna go and woulda got out of it if I could have easily. It was BS action from day one till the end. Everyone knew it was at the time and history has proven it. The guy's I knew that went to school for years or got their girl pregnant on purpose to...
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    Prairie Dog Video

    If you care to see critters shot go to youtube there are dozens perhaps hundreds and maybe thousands of videos portraying such activities there. I have shot at least hundreds probably thousands of critters in the last 50 years or so and I dont' enjoy watching the deer hunts on TV, or small...
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    Riflery Test

    If using a scope on that sporter remember the bullet is leaving the barrel abot 1 1/2 inches below your line of sight, so at 30' will have only risen so much. Usta hunt with a guy that would shoot the heads off grouse with a 30-06 up close.
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    Ruger Single Six, 47th Gun Made!... Um... No.

    Looks to me like it was made in 1969 the fifth year of the Super Single-Six introduced in 1964. The Single-Six was introduced in 1953 IIRC not 1969 so he is trying to pull a scam looks like. Gun Broker should do something if notified.
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    While in Burger King....

    Sadly it appears a rather large percentage of the population would rather take the first choice so they can feel safer, from the laws they will support.
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    RANGE vs Private Property

    We do go to the range at the gun club we members of, as where we now live I can no longer shoot in the back yard, but shoot more on public lands plinking, varmints, and hunting.
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    Heller and the "Gun Show Loophole"

    Laws such as this are "passed" and being enforced in many states. Time will tell if the Heller decision will affect them. Thank God for the men that wrote our Constitution that understood what a tyrannical controling thing government is.
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    Heller and the "Gun Show Loophole"

    The so called " gun show loophole" is a state by state rule/law. Having to go through a FFL for private sales is unnecessary to comply with federal laws. We buy and sell at gun shows, from classifieds, among friends, or other citizen to citizen firearm transactions several times a year most...
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    poll: when do you ?

    I wet wash/tumble and always deprime first.
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    While in Burger King....

    Ya shoulda looked her in the eye and said, " I don't just hunt deer dear, I hunt white tail all year long". Edit; not sure I would say this in front of Art's Grandma or not I would have needed to know the lady, some yes some no depending on the person.
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    Heller didn't win his case.

    Hats off to Mr. Levy, he sounds like a true patriot to me.
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    What is a reasonable price for wheel weights

    Do a scrap metals search on Google for current prices.