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    How good are CMMG rifles ?

    as said before, the 600$ CMMG's were bargain bin bastard childs. they were spare parts made into rifle, some times with out a CMMG part in them at all. they are NOT in any way representative of CMMG products, they were simply CMMG clearing out the garage of other peoples parts acquired through...
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    Is the A2 Ar-15 obsolete?

    the carry handle was obsolete the day they took away the top cocking reciprocating charging handle.
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    Captured Mosin's in Vietnam

    awesome pics, thank you for sharing them the red 44's were a primary arm for the VC back then. more SKS's and M44's/T53's were in country than AK's for a while. added: do you mind if i share these pics on some mosin forums?
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    milsurp rifles

    um cause "Milsurp" means military surplus, as in that rifle was commissioned by or has has served in a military. while i love my Delton rifle, its NOT milsurp. and theres nothing like a fine K31, or an arsenal of Mosins
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    Del-Ton Vs. CMMG

    i love my delton. i dont think its top of the heap but its silver for the price of scrap aluminum
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    Mosin, Mosin, Mosin, Blah, Blah, Blah

    add something constructive or relevant
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    Mosin, Mosin, Mosin, Blah, Blah, Blah

    its one of several hundred reasons. the actions of Alexander III, the complete and total failure of Russo Japanese war, the Massacre of over 100 protesting strikers by Imperial Guards and so much more. the major reason the Tsar couldn't control the population is because he was viewed as an...
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    Getting ready to pick up a side-folding semiauto

    a triangle or solid folding stock will be far more ergonomically than the wire folding stocks
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    Mosin, Mosin, Mosin, Blah, Blah, Blah

    being the roots of the revolution began around 1905,1906, the Parliment was dissolved returning what little power the people had to the Tsar. theTsar Abdicated in Feb of 1917. through out 1917 fighting between Communists, and Tsarist troops occur in major cities, by Nov. of 1917 the Communist...
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    Mosin, Mosin, Mosin, Blah, Blah, Blah

    right, because things were going swimmingly on the western front during that same war. the Brits and the French were totally not hunkered down in the same trenches in the same stalemate. not to mention the crumbling Russian Empire would have far more effect on the war than what rifle they used...
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    Mosin, Mosin, Mosin, Blah, Blah, Blah

    the carnage of the eastern front,Stalingrads Rattenkrieg and hordes of Germans desperately retreating with the hopes to surrender to Americans or Brits go to show the Soviets, their mosins and T34's helped plenty of "poor dumb bastards" die for their fatherland. your dislike of the Mosin is...
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    Mosin, Mosin, Mosin, Blah, Blah, Blah

    not to mention theres a million variants ranging in rarity to, by the crate load to "only 1 left in existence"
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    Why is 7.62x54R going up too?

    prices rise. when i started collecting mosins ( a whole 4 years ago) X54r was 50$ per 440. before that it was 30 per 440 etc...
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    School Project Rifle Build!!

    i think that may be the date due for the proposal, not the project. notice how its signed the day before... typical HS student ( i know, i was the same way)
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    1956 Hungarian Revolution Weapons mostly soviet and German technologies. a good read on the events'
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    What about a .50 BMG Handi Rifle

    im not familiar with any barrels like this. theres a big step between even .500 SW and .50BMG. dont forget the .50 in 50bmg is the bullet size, not the case size. i suspect a strong chamber for .50 BMG may be larger than the H&R frame.
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    Mosin Bolt removal ??

    as said, open the bolt, clear the rifle, hold the trigger back and slide the bolt out. many mosins on the market right now have whats called a counter bored barrel. this is when the rifling is drilled out to create a fresh crown a inch or so inside the original barrel. this was done during...
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    School Project Rifle Build!!

    just a heads up. id be very careful in regards to anything that could fall under the NFA. be sure that it in no way could possibly function.
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    Lubing an AK

    while if never bought into "dieseling" i see the value of keeping dirty filthy gas away from wet absorbing oil.
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    Finally found it!

    i agree your aunt is a piece of work. but you dont get to choose family.