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    Suitable 9mm load for SD?

    I thought this was generally agreed upon. Factory ammo for self defense and handloads for practice. One box of factory ammo will take care of your self defense needs for many years.
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    Worn Lee 4 hole turret?

    Are you using the "auto disk powder measure"? Try positioning it more over the middle of the 4 hole turret instead of sitting out sideways from it. When it is full of powder it can build up some momentum. I find the swivel adapter helps.
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    Reloading... starting from scratch

    To reload a rifle round you need brass case, primer, powder and projectile. The steps are: deprime and resize case measure case length and trim if too long reprime with new primer add powder seat projectile. The minimum equipment you need is press reloading dies for each calibre case lube to...
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    Ammo arrived wet, green. What to do?

    I thought it was a rule to never shoot someone else's reloads. Life is too short
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    Don't Tumble Coated Lead

    Why do you guys lube 9mm brass ?
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    Scope for RUger M77 MKII RSI in 308

    Another vote for Leupold VX3 2.5-8x36. I used to have that exact rifle and that's what I put on it. Never moved it off 2.5 power though.
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    Removing unfired primers

    I thought it was standard practice to always wear eye protection when reloading. Why take a risk with your eyes ?
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    Lube, Primer, and Bullet Seating

    Did you measure and trim your brass between full-length resizing and re-priming ? Just didn't notice you mentioning it and it is an important step for safety. I reload .223 on a Lee classic 4 hole turret also. However I add powder off the press using a Lee powder measure mounted to the bench...
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    Achievable handgun accuracy

    I was in the firing lane next to a guy who shot a perfect 50 in a standard centrefire match once - thats 5 shots one handed in the 10 ring (5cm at 25m) .. happens occasionally but not often, The guy is a 747 pilot - when i fly wish i wasa passenger in his aircraft - amazing concentration...
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    poll re shooting in schools as an extra-curricular activity NSW Australia

    Thanks for that. I should probably have provided more information. The proposed scheme would take only students who wanted to and who were at least 12 yrs old to local ranges to learn target shooting during school hours. They would need parental permission and would be constantly supervised...
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    poll re shooting in schools as an extra-curricular activity NSW Australia

    Mods please move if this is not the appropriate place... Any Highroaders care to give us a hand on the poll being conducted by the "Daily Telegraph" regarding an initiative by the Shooters and Fishers party in NSW to have target shooting included as an extra curricular activity in public...
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    *_*Cleaning your reloading dies?*_*

    Mine have surface rust - guess i've been too busy working and not having enough fun at the range...:( I remember reading that someone just put them into his tumbler....
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    Dumb to Buy 8lb?

    I think there are better powders for .223. (I have great success with AR2207 = H4198) Having said that, I bought 500g (approx 1 pound - why do you North Americans still use imperial measurements ?? :neener:) of AR2208H (= H4898) for my .308 and it only lasted one afternoon. Wish I had bought...
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    lee classic turret press question

    Are you reloading rifle or pistol ? For rifle I remove the indexing rod and do batch reloading so I prime off the press with a handtool (after cases have been trimmed). For pistol rounds I use the indexing feature and prime using the lever on the press.
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    .357 Magnum Too Much Recoil?

    Depends if you are accurate with it. I am MUCH more accurate with .38+P than .357 so that what I load in my home defense revolver (SW 627).
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    Reloading - Having 2nd Thoughts, 3rd Thoughts... COST OF BRASS :(

    Brass costs money ?? I thought you got it for free on the ground at the range......better stock up on components though - primers, powder and lead.
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    First rifle, Tikka T3 lite - 7mm-08 or 270?

    You will be happy with the Tikka I think. Recoil sounds like it is an issue for you. No point in getting a rifle that you are uncomfortable shooting. 7mm-08 will have less recoil than .270. Can I suggest 6.5x55 also ? (off topic i know but worthy of consideration I think - especially in a Tikka)...
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    few questions regarding Eotech holo sights

    buy eotech, aimpoint or trijicon. I'd rather spend $600 well than waste $100.
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    First "Fun Gun"

    Sounds like a kel tec sub 2000 is just what you're looking for.. same ammo and mags as your G19...
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    Courtesy/Guilt of buying from the local store vs. online

    ..if the price is lower than the maximum the buyer is prepared to pay and higher than the minimum the seller is prepared to accept then a sale will take place.. I'm a believer in capitalism. It's your money, but personally i try to find the cheapest price for the best product I can.