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    M1 Carbine vs. Everything Else

    That is what I was saying. But there is a possibility and then it would be up to my judgement and not the limitations of my rifle. Otherwise you would only need a handgun. As far as any self defense scenario I will concern myself with saving my life as a priority over what any aftermath may...
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    M1 Carbine vs. Everything Else

    AR/.223 bashing get old too. In fact all bashing gets old. I have passed on owning the M1 Carbine. I have shot both the M1 Carbine and AR in matches. I am of the mindset the M1 won't do anything an AR can't and the the AR can out do the M1 In areas. Shoot out to 200 yds and compare...
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    Aperture Sights for AK-47?

    I have no experience with Techsights on an AK but do like them a lot in general. I have found them to have a very crisp sight picture.
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    forced vibration as it relates to firearme accuracy

    Check out the straight jacket / Teludyne link. It should be right up your alley. Are you just trying to understand or are you trying to invent something? Have you tried to look at slo mo video of barrels during the firing process? One of the funniest things I recently viewed was an...
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    forced vibration as it relates to firearme accuracy

    Murf, You made no mention of the link I provided. I figured you would be interested in the technology. You said:"wntfw, i agree about using accepted methodology if it works! what i'm trying to find out with this thread is "why" and "how" a barrel tuning system, like the BOSS, reduces group...
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    forced vibration as it relates to firearme accuracy

    I don't get too into the arguments on barrel dynamics. I just used accepted methodology to get results. Accepted methodologies still get argued about, but if you get results that wins. Murf. You might be interested in Straightjacket by Teludyne Tech Industries. There are reviews on line...
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    This AR build will be all JACKED up

    Gunny, I like how it turned out painted. I am pretty sure I did some engraving for you. Did you ever finish the first one I did for you? Later, Mike C.
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    Bipod ID?

    Looks like this one: *The logo says: Nikko Sterling Some other Howas had a different logo that looked more like a water buffalo's horns. Such as this:
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    Is it difficult to build an AR Upper?

    The only thing I don't see addressed is anti-seize or whatever you decide to use on the threads. Research that and again you will find arguments. I am in the group that say in needs to be tight enough and align. No need to get any tighter after that. If you want to look over the fit of barrel...
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    case stuck in die

    Come on guys with the One-Shot bashing, it is an excellent case lube for when you don't really need a case lube.:D For bottleneck rifle I like mink oil. Compare it to Imperial, it is right there in terms of comparison. Both of these lubes have great film strength and are easy to manage. As...
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    Old Powder Caused Fire!

    I am not claiming anything about what happened or didn't. That nobody got burned is a success. I had some powder that went bad. It was old when I got it. Once it went bad I tried to light some and it didn't burn well at all.
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    Measuring and weighing factory defensive ammo before rotating into ccw service

    It comes up every so often about weight and sorting .22LR ammo for accuracy. The end of it always ends up it is not worth it and you have no ideas where the weight variance is, whether it is the case, bullet, primer or primer. In many rounds you can shake it and listen to the powder moving...
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    piller bedding rem 700

    How the rifle track & slips in the bag is part of it. When I changed rear bags I have no idea what they were filled with. Plus how the bipod is loaded, anything that can be done again with repeatability versus inconsistency can be an issue. A bipod lock may help. Even the stools at most places...
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    piller bedding rem 700

    I didn't remember the article correctly, no group sizes, but here it is:
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    piller bedding rem 700

    In my case: (from test years ago - I should be able to do better now. But these were the results the day I did it.) no rear bag: add up to 1 MOA Use cheap Remington bag from Walmart: add up to .5 MOA Use a good Protektor: shot the best groups There was an article I saw where the only thing a...
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    piller bedding rem 700

    "is it very beneficial to do bedding. I already can get sub moa 5 shot 100 yd groups, the best has been .4 inch? can I get that much more accurate? I shot one .75 inch group today, very windy and I was a little shakey" Any one that gives you a simple answer without knowing more is full of it...
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    piller bedding rem 700

    There are a few differing opinions on how to go about it. I'll get back to you later but am sure someone will be giving advice by then. Methods vary on whether it is done on 1 step or 2 and how the pillars contact the action. If done in 2 steps the order may vary. The pillar is mainly to...
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    I want to buy a cheap .308. What are my options?

    I am in the used bolt gun camp. I think bang for the buck and longer term satisfaction is better with them. Provided you get something mainstream it can really grow into an upgraded rifle. I have only shot out to 600, which is considered mid range. The easiest way to shoot longer range has been...
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    Question about high capacity Firearms owned by our Founding Fathers

    Nom, Man, you sure know a lot about old ships for a guy that currently lives out in Arizona. TwinReverb, "Back then, they didn't have cars or interstates either. Just sayin'." Well you see let me explain to you just what Eisenhower intended . . . . :neener: The Azn I don't think the...
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    Shooting and Drinking at a BBQ?

    As complicated a some people can make an argument I tend to go with simple logic. If there is no alcohol present then there won't be an alcohol related problem. Gun ranges are for shooting. Everyone can drink alcohol somewhere else. Why the need to combine the two is what I don't get. Plus...