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    What is the last gun that you bought?

    a ruger LCRx in 38 special for my wife had to get her a laser grip for it, she really likes lasers on her guns, they really helped solve her pushing the gun once she could see that dot dip just before she fired.
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    Is your interest in guns narrow or broad?

    Pretty broad, rifles, shotguns, handguns, black and smokeless power guns, bolt and single shot rifles, semi auto, double action and single action hand guns, pump, double barrel and semi auto shotguns and both rim fire and center fire guns.
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    Shooting and tinitus

    I have had tinnitus since before my teen years due to the availability of cherry bombs, m-80's, and block busters, and hitting a whole roll of cap gun caps with a hammer. It got worse when I moved to the country and we had a two car garage that I shot out of on rainy days (I built a shooting...
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    Your sexiest gun?

    No picture but I always liked the way my Ruger #1's looked.
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    That gun in the back of your safe, the one you never shoot

    It was a unfired Ruger super Blackhawk 44 mag bicentennial model (from 1976) like new in the box with all the stuff that it originally came with. I already had a superblackhawk 44 that I hunted with so that one never got fired.
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    Christmas Money = Lever gun, Long range, or carry gun upgrades?

    I would get a 270, it will do everything that the 30/30 will do and then some, with a bolt gun you can get a better trigger ( if you get a savage you can get a accutrigger), the action is stronger than a lever gun so you can push a bullet a bit faster safer. Bolt actions are a good bit more...
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    Your sexiest gun?

    No picture but I always felt my Ruger #1 270 was a beautiful rifle, it is also my favorite hunting rifle, I've killed a bunch of deer, etc with it and both my sons killed their first deer, my youngest at 8 and his brother at 12. Also it has been loaned to several friends kids for their first...
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    First .22: Rifle or Pistol

    First 22 rifle was and is a Stevens that would fire long rifle ammo semi auto if you left the bolt handle pulled out and long, short and everything else as a single shot if you left the bolt handle pushed in. It was a hand me down from my father. My first 22 hand gun was a Ruger standard semi...
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    Most regretted gun purchase?

    Mine is a Cobray 38 caliber derringer, trigger pull about 12 pounds, after 5 shots one of the barrels will no longer fire, does not shoot to the same place, ever. When I contacted Cobray about a new gun that one barrel stopped working after 5shots they said if I would send it in they would fix...
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    Who are the RKBA folks on the Trump Transition Team?

    Sessions from Alabama has a A rating from the NRA if I remember right.
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    Reloaded ammo makers w/ brass exchange?

    I used to go to the range a lot, and I would pick up brass. I found out that a vendor at the local gun show would take the brass in trade for reloading supplies. Since gun shows were around a year apart I had a lot of time to collect brass. I would normally have enough to trade for a 8lb keg of...
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    What's your opinion of Savage Arms rifles and shotguns?

    Savage is a great gun right out of the box. Both my sons picked savage 270's as their first rifle. Both were real accurate out of the box. I wanted a 243 so I bought a savage with a accutrigger. The first reload I tried would shoot around moa at 100 yards and the trigger was really nice and the...
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    People who work at gun stores

    I worked for 28 years as a pharmacist with Kmart. Way back when they had guns one day I was back in the sporting goods dept. and the clerk was trying to put together a 870 shotgun for a customer, they had the Manuel out trying to figure it out, I walked over in my white jacket and asked if I...
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    Public range safety concern

    Several years ago a buddy and I were sighting in our hunting rifles at a public range. I went down to put up a couple of targets, I took my Ruger superblackhawk 44 with me. While I was down range some jackass walks up to the firing line and starts shooting at something . All the people at the...