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    Making my own rifle stock

    You should start with 2 books- Stockmaking by Alvin Linden which shows you how to layout and inlet from a block of wood and make the necessary tools and 2nd, Professional Stockmaking by Wesbrook which better shows you how to shape and sand perfectly then gives a variety of finishing...
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    refinishing youth rifle is a great site. I would recommend using Belgium Blue if you want to easily duplicate the original finish. You will need a tank to boil distilled water in which fits the barrelled action and a soft wire wheel... It's not quite as challenging as the slow rust blue... You could...
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    What to use to refinish or cover up old wood stock on a shotgun?

    Get all the old finish off the wood. Sand it real nice while the stock is still on the metal. Goop it with thinned spar varnish-let it soak in. When it is thouroughly dry, sand that down to the wood and top coat with satin spar varnish. Brownells sells Chestnut Ridge Supply Military...
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    Great Idea Jim! I wonder if somehow we could archive the articles here somewhere??? I have a very similar project that is progressing ever so slowly- a .275 Rigby reproduction...
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    Scout Mount

    Either of those two mounts would quickly make your custom Enfield look cheesy. Have your gunsmith mill two custom scope bases and screw and soft silver solder them to the barrel. Option two: A quarter rib that can accept Weaver Style QD's with a fold down rear iron sight- my personal...
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    Lathe cradle with handls for heavy chuck lifting

    Yeah, that's a great idea! Definitely will save the ol' back... Part two of the project is making the miniature crane to hoist it up to the bed and hold it steady while you thread it on the spindle... Is your Clausing a 16"???
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    Inherited yet another rifle

    If you truly have a FN Mauser, it will have a stylized 'FN' cartouche in a circle on top of the front action ring. The older FNs sported an excellent rust blue on the action and barrel and the bolt assy was polished bright- looks like chrome. The stock is probably French walnut. I...
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    Pre-64 Model 70: Ejection Problem

    dfariswheel has got it, don't mess with a Pre 64 especially one that shoots one inch groups with most factory loads. That is a gem of a rifle. He's right, you'll probably need to have the ejector spring replaced or tweaked- Pre 64's will eject with either forceful slap or a gentle tug...
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    Springfield Sporters Resurrected

    I didn't get the link... Is there phone number the same??? Same location??? A field trip may be in order. I thought they sold all their inventory? Looking for my old catalog OH!
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    Daisy or another "smith" for refurb

    I'll second the vote for Mac-1 Airguns in California. Tim has always done right by me and the tune his Benjamin/Sheridan technician can put on a rifle is amazing. Do a search for Mac 1 airguns on google and it should show up- I lost the link...
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    shortening barrels

    Sell the 30" and buy the 18" you'll probably be ahead dollar wise...
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    ducking the recoil

    I don't see why people have to buy a magnum and the first thing they do is to sit down at the bench and hammer themselves with 20 or 40 rounds of ammo... Not you, but others... First, you have to make sure the stock fits you well. Factory stocks are made for a mannequin. Is the butt...
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    Advice on Stippling a wood stock

    Actually, Standing Wolf is correct. You need the small ball shaped burr and your Dremel motor tool. Chuck that bit in a vice and bend the last half inch about one eighth of an inch out of true. Chuck this in the Dremel. Try it on some hardwood other than the stock first... You may have to...
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    Does anyone have a Win M70 Classic Stainless?

    Yeah, I managed to pick up a Winchester Classic Stainless in .308 some years back. The stock is kind of rubbery and somewhat flexible but it fits me well so I continue to use it. I had to glass bed the rifle. I had to tune the trigger. I had to polish and dehorn the safety (it's still stiff...
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    Mauser Actions

    Barring the new Winchester Short Magnums, the .243 is the most difficult round to get to feed properly in a Mauser action due to the steep shoulder angle. I'm not saying impossible, but definitely difficult... What do you think about the 6mm Remington???
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    How I bend Mauser bolts

    Do you bother to reharden the cocking notch helix area on the bolt?
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    What is the Winchester M70 Classic Sporter LT?

    LT was supposed to refer to Lean and Trim. That's what I remember anyway. The stock was redesigned by Dave Miller. He is the gunsmith that remanufactures Winchester rifles into $10,000 tackdrivers.
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    Who made the old Interarms Mauser actions?

    My guess in Fabrique Nationale made the actions for Interarms- they share remarkable similarities... Interarms strayed too far away from the original Mauser design which is why they are somewhat less desireable than the FN cartouched receiver models- the safety switch is hard to inlet and not...
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    Help on stripped 10/22 holes (long)

    First, if you are building up a custom 10/22, don't use a beater receiver. Personally, I'd save up and buy the MOA stainless receiver out of the Brownells catalog (through a FFL of course) and use the old bolt and trigger guard. Because next you'll want the Voltquartsen parts, etc... If...
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    Brown finish on a kit gun

    Simple Green in the boiling tank makes a fantastic degreaser- you can be generous with the stuff because it's relatively cheap... 375 is way too hot- the solution should evaporate instantly but not cook off. I'd repolish the barrel and do it again. This is, by the way, excellent...