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    CX4 Storm 9mm or 40 S&W

    Good choice! I bought my CX4 when they first came out in '03(serial #00065x) and it'll be the last one I sell. Its really accurate with 90gr. hollow points. Ive made numerous 75yard shots on whistle pigs using a cheap red dot. On a side note: When someone starts a thread about buying a...
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    CX4 Storm 9mm or 40 S&W

    IIRC, you could also SBR it and it would void the 922r requirements but I could be wrong.
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    CX4 Storm 9mm or 40 S&W

    Either caliber is good to go. I prefer 9mm. Swapping the trigger to a US made one will keep you in compliance with 922r.
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    Big-bore AR's and States with magazine restrictions

    I've been curious and haven't heard/read any discussion on the issue but how are magazines for the AR "thumpers" regulated in States with magazine capacity restrictions? A standard 30rd USGI mag will only hold 10 rounds of .50 Beowulf. Would that magazine still be illegal if its intended use was...
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    Negligent Discharge at Gunshow...

    There was a ND at a gun show here a few years ago. Apparently a person was test fitting holsters on their carry gun when it went off. Scary stuff when a ND happens in a tightly crowded area.
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    11 year old girl shoots cougar tracking her brother

    Agreed that mountain lions being mountain lions near humans/livestock is no bueno. The importance of predator management will vary from State to State. Id wager its more important for a State like Texas(with 96% of its territory being private property) than it is for a State like Idaho(with 30%...
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    What would you blow a 2k budget on?

    I'm half way done with my .50 Beowulf build. The way I want it with optics installed will put it in the $2500 range though.
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    10mm Hornady

    Be careful of double tap ammo. The last 10mm rounds I sent through a chrono were 100fps below advertised velocity. Plus it was overpriced @$.85/round. +1 on Underwood. Top notch company with a top notch product
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    Kahr CM9 or Beretta Nano for CCW?

    I like berettas but between those two choices... I'd get the kahr
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    11 year old girl shoots cougar tracking her brother

    I'd much rather keep the healthy, 150lb lion in the wild rather than a sick one. It helps keep the ungulate populations healthy.
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    Got an e-mail last night, VA governor signed Sunday Hunting Bill

    You can't hunt on Sundays!? Sweet baby Jesus that is lame. You should move out West where there's less government control and States 70% public land. I feel bad for my fellow hunters East of the Rockies.
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    Elk Cartridge: 6.5x55SE; 7mm-08; or 7mm Rem Mag

    The Fusion and SSTs are good deer bullets but wouldn't be my choice for elk. You might not run into any issues using those bullets on a broadside shot but if the elk is quartering towards or away from you, it would be wise to have a heavy, bonded bullet to penetrate the shoulder and heavy bone...
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    What rifle/cartridge combination did you use on deer this year.

    Tikka T3 lite in 7mm Mag using 160gr accubonds
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    Weak factory 38 Super loads

    Not in stock, but heres 124gr@1350fps They make some quality rounds. Ive chronoed their 9mm and 10mm and it matched if not exceeded their listed velocities.
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    Beretta 92/96 question

    There have been a few guys on that have swapped a 9mm barrel into their 96 slide and some have run into extraction issues. I've done it on mine without issues but only shot a few dozen rounds. My understanding is that you cant put a 96 barrel into a 92 slide because the...
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    The 1911 SUCKS and the .45 ACP is USELESS

    Here's a good video on Underwood ammo and what the velocities of the 10mm can do to a bonded bullet.
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    Hollow Point Controversy

    OP: If you want max penetration, man up and upgrade to the 10mm.
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    Hollow Point Controversy

    Agreed. Even then, people have been hit in vitals and survived. As mentioned earlier, insurgents have been hit COM with 50bmg rounds and still fired at our troops. People have survived being shot point blank in the head and survived.
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    Hollow Point Controversy

    I'm no physicist, but I'm sure its a safe assumption that a 165gr fmj bullet weighs the same as a 165gr hollow point bullet. I'll even go out on a limb and say a 165gr rock weighs the same as the 165gr fmj and 165gr hp bullets.
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    The 1911 SUCKS and the .45 ACP is USELESS

    Personally, I stay away from Double Tap. Their advertised velocities seem great but in a decent amount of instances, other board members have chronographed the velocities at 100 and sometimes 200fps slower than advertised velocities in full size 10mm firearms. That is absurd, especially...