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    Skills were tested... and I got a C+ maybe...

    The fact you grabbed the flashlight too gets you at least a B. And hey better unwanted coyotes than unwanted people in your house...
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    Losing Focus . . . Ratting on Myself

    Well said, Double Naught Spy.
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    (Gun Recycling) What to do with a firearm at the very end of it's lifecycle

    Then why are you afraid of throwing it in the scrap bin
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    Does Sex Sell You?

    Well, makeup comes to mind. Cologne/perfume/"body spray". Certain clothing styles. Exercise equipment. Even though the products aren't explicitly sexual, they do affect appearance so saying they will make you sexier is a good advertising move. You also have to consider the demographic being...
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    strange activity

    If you're really concerned why not... inform... the...police?
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    My story

    It's easy to say move, not always easy to do. Many factors could keep a person put. At this point in your story I was thinking oh no... since you missed (or thought you missed) maybe you hit your neighbor. :( Glad to hear this was not the case. So... what's the new HD gun going to be?
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    State with least restrictive gun laws?

    VT, AK, soon AZ are the 3 without CC requirements. EDIT: Though if you want an opinion that doesn't matter, Utah is the winner: Alaska and Arizona both have 2 points, but once they start "forcing" colleges to allow carry on campus they...
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    Mexican President Calderon calls for re-instatement of the '94 Assault weapons ban

    What are they doing applauding a foreign leader (of a neighboring country no less) that's trying to disarm their own? Maybe we should just make America a "NO INVADING/OCCUPYING FORCES ALLOWED" zone. :banghead:
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    Not sure how to take this article

    Gouranga, I see where you are coming from but I think this line was intended to cast the class in a positive light. The way it's written it can either be read as: 1. "Some" referring to the aforementioned gun owners, so it is saying gun owners are not used to thinking of their gun as a...
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    almost drew my gun yesterday

    That's unfortunate. Whoever made this law must think an assault with fists is the same as sanctioned boxing matches with gloves and referees and two equal-sized guys who are ready to take some hits. There are several places you can be hit in the head that can permanently blind or kill you...
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    "Baby on Board" Sticker

    True. But you should also consider that you voluntarily put yourself at a higher standard on the road by posting a safety sticker. If you have one of those and do make a mistake in traffic people are going to think you're being a hypocrite. Otherwise I think this is the same as any other...
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    What was this person thinking!!!

    He left while you were still counting the money? Well then he's not as good at "covering" you as he should be. Sounds like he needs to armchair up a little more on how a real mall cop operates.
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    How A Sale To A Female Customer Should Proceed

    I think a salesperson should help a customer find a fitting gun IF THAT IS WHAT THE CUSTOMER WANTS. But to deny someone a sale is a blatantly obvious bad move... I don't see how one can think it's not. That's all I'm going to say on this.
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    How A Sale To A Female Customer Should Proceed

    Do you want to make a sale? This is pretty simple guys.
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    What's your "never buy" gun?

    Yeah I wouldn't buy that either. ;) Lots, but one I can't see myself owning is a desert eagle. Would like to shoot one sometime, but not going to pay for one.
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    What is your dream gun ?

    With some nice dark brown wood grips. Saving for it now.
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    No guns in airports

    Makes you wonder why they just don't make a law against killing people? Oh wait...
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    CCW in a Kilt

    Hm... Might be practical for an evening dress but seems like a better design would be to have it open in the front so one can actually pull the gun out quickly without having to perform acrobatics. Don't kilts already have a built-in gun pouch?
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    The dumbest thing the Brady Campaign has done to date...

    It's only 56% of 600, and only 42% of that 56% actually care. So 336 Americans of the over THREE HUNDRED MILLION that live in this country don't like guns in Starbucks, and of those 336 only 141 might not get their coffee from Starbucks anymore... LOOK OUT STARBUCKS! :rolleyes: I'm so glad...
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    Local open carry proponent involved in fatal shooting

    From the article: I think we can all agree... as "reasonable people"... that this statement is in most cases FALSE. I can see the point about a "man with a gun" call from the police perspective. But the "volatility" could only lead to someone being killed if either the OCer draws his gun...