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    “Hero” charges into gunfight and is killed by police

    When words are enclosed in quotation marks in a headline or news article, it denotes that the word or phrase is a direct quote from the people involved in the incident being reported. In this case, it's because the police have referred to the Mr Hurley as a hero. News articles should only report...
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    Remington does it again... Bankruptcy No 2.

    Looking to get a Remington 700 PCR some time next year....should I be concerned?
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    OFFICIAL Virginia 2A Lobby Day / 2A Rally Day - January 20, 2020 Information

    Congratulations my Americsn friends :)
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    EUGunBan: Push for 2A in the Czech Republic

    Interesting. When you mean "persons of interest" I guess you mean people who are already on some kind of watchlist, and not just any tourist who shoots a fullauto on camera?
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    EUGunBan: Push for 2A in the Czech Republic

    I heard, on the highly reliable source that is a Facebook post, that Czech law is changing so that you won't be able to shoot at a range without a licence. So this would stop foreigners shooting at ranges. Is there any truth to this?
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    Could Civil War army defeat a modern battalion?

    I'd scratch my head at anyone thinking a civil war era army could defeat a modern battalion of infantry. How do you expect your guys armed with Model 1861s to outgun modern battle rifles?
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    According to preliminary results, Swiss overwehelmingly voted to implement the EU Gun Ban

    Helped by a fantastic disinformation campaign, supported by almost all of the parties. They claimed that Switzerland's membership of Schengen, and therefore its economy, would be terminated if it did not adopt the EU's gun ban. In reality, this would be the most extreme outcome, and in neither...
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    LaPierre asked to resign

    Only if you deal in absolutes.
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    LEO Gun Cleaning Accident At Local College

    I apologise, my initial post was rather ill-judged. The point I was trying to make is that for many police officers, carrying a gun is just a small part of their job, with little incentive to train beyond what is required for qualification. They will also be in contact with guns for much longer...
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    LEO Gun Cleaning Accident At Local College

    And when you're issuing these guns to law enforcement, many of whom are probably not the sharpest tool in the box, and also are not recreational shooters, it's sensible to minimise the number of things that could go wrong.
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    Anyone practice Bullseye Rounds?

    Bullseye shooting is what trains the fundamentals of marksmanship - sights and trigger squeeze
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    Life time NRA price?

    Some time ago I unfollowed some of the NRA's social media accounts after it became clear that they were turning into a media arm of the GOP.
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    EUGunBan: Push for 2A in the Czech Republic

    The campaign against the adoption of the EU Gun Ban in Switzerland has delivered 125,000 signatures calling for a referendum. This is 75,000 more than is required to trigger such a referendum. I think the referendum will be held in around 4 months time.
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    Shooting range built over highway

    That isn't a public range in the sense that anyone can just show up and shoot unsupervised. And there are range officers who are watching everything. The Swiss put a strong emphasis on personal responsibility. They don't have to be constantly on guard for idiots. So the assumption that people...
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    Shooting range built over highway

    Swiss shooters are currently launching a referendum against the Swiss federal council's adoption of the EU gun ban. They needed 50,000 signatures to trigger the referendum.
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    Shooting range built over highway

    I guess I'll do a quick follow-on FAQ to address the most often asked safety questions. Q: How do you stop people hitting the road? A: There is a baffle wall, with a height that was calculated so that any shots that have a dangerous trajectory will be stopped by the wall. In the prone position...
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    Shooting range built over highway

    Believe it or not, the people who designed and approved the range carefully considered all the safety implications. From the baffle wall design, to the ammunition and rifles permitted, there is zero risk of bullet hitting the road. You also have to understand that the majority of Swiss rifle...
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    EUGunBan: Push for 2A in the Czech Republic

    A Swiss popular initiative to put the Swiss constitution over international laws and treaties was defeated in referendum today. This is a significant indicator for...
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    EUGunBan: Push for 2A in the Czech Republic

    They pointed to the fact that optional referendums challenging federal laws usually fail. Also that the 2011 gun control vote that failed was a popular initiative, not a challenge to a federal law. Also fears for the implications that rejecting the EU gunban would have for Schengen. Of course...
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    EUGunBan: Push for 2A in the Czech Republic

    They are less confident about winning the referendum itself.