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    What gear do you carry when deer hunting?

    Hunting locally, my rifle 3 rounds of ammo, hunting knife with 4" drop point blade, compass in the flat woods, binocular, water bottle, snake leggin's before the first heavy frost, cell phones and GPS's seldom get a signal in the heavy hardwoods around here, so I elect to leave them home, PB&J...
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    A Hunter's Observations on the 6.5x55 Swede

    One of the best deer calibers out there, I had one in the Remington classics and like a fool, sold it I later bought a Remington custom shop .260, poor accuracy, even after several trips back to the custom shop, no'mo .260s for this old man, but I do have a like new set of RCBS .260 dies I could...
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    How often to clean guns?

    Everyone has their own regiment, I clean mine after each range trip, whether I shot 10 or 110 rounds. It'd be kinda like putting a baby to bed with a dirty diaper to not clean after use.:D
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    1+1+1 Lets see some rifles/shotguns/handguns

    xring44, thats a beautiful rifle, more pics? Yep, a couple:D Oops, wrong rifle, later
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    Show us a picture of your reloading bench

    I built that, its two pieces of 6" channel fitted to form a box, the angles were to allow clearance, for the ram stroke, inside is a small plastic box that catches the spent primers. I built the bench also as a island affair, it permits working all the way around it, consolidates alot of...
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    1+1+1 Lets see some rifles/shotguns/handguns

    Hummm, Rifle Sorry guys, no shotgun pics.:neener:
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    Show us a picture of your reloading bench

    Here's a couple of shots of my loading room
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    did i just ruin my powder?

    Some good advise offered here, I agree completely, especially with the one powder only on the bench at all times. You're lesson cost you far less than mine. I once mixed a full hopper of reloader 19 with a 8 pound jug of Varget, stupid:( I was going to pour up the reloader 19, and fill the...
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    I Found a Golden Ticket!

    I could go if I wanted too:what: of course I'd have to sell my house, my truck and my dog, I AIN'T selling my dog!::fire:
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    Cylinder won't open, HELP!

    Extractor rod is coming unscrewed. Pull the hammer back to where the cylinder will turn, then turn it backward while trying to hold pressure against the side of the ejector rod. What you need to do is screw it back in far enough to allow the cylinder latch to push the locking pins in all...
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    .223 loading problem

    It is truely amazing, this web site I mean. I can't imagine how much easier learning to load would have been if I had had access to this much knowledge when I started loading in the 60s.
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    The 1911 - is it because it's American?

    I was once just like you, the only experience I had had with the 1911 was in basic training in the military. The ones I shot there were mostly worn out and rattled when shook, but they did go bang every time you pulled the trigger. My days in Law Enforcement saw only revolvers, model 27s, model...
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    Questions about S&W 45 ACP revolvers

    You're going to love the ,45 ACP revolver, I have a S&W 25-2 that is superbly accurate, it can be fired without the moon clips, I lighten up on the crimp a tad and normally the emptys will fall out. I also have a .45 ACP in a Ruger Blackhawk, its also very accurate and requires little to no...
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    Belguim Browning A-5 Questions

    By far the finest recoil operated semi-auto shotgun ever produced IMO I got my first one in the late 50s, it was a sweetie, like an idiot, I sold it, lifes been downhill since then!::(
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    Need a 45 ACP. Suggestions?

    I have the .45 ACP/.45 Colt Ruger Blackhawk. If self defense is not on the menu for the pistol/revolver, I'd highly reccomend this single action revolver. Mine has the 7 1/2" barrel, ajustable sights and is extremely accurate. If it came with better sights it would be awesome. Fun gun to shoot!!!
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    KIMBERS and 1911s...

    I have two Kimbers, one stainless ll, one cdp ll, both are extremely accurate, neither have given me any problems. The stainless ll did begin life sadly by FTE, I took the extractor out, put a little more tension on it, its been good to go since then, probably 500 rounds. I can't say that for...
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    1955 Target

    Nice find, I have one ser# N71XXX. I bought mine from an widow. It is a dream to shoot, excelent accuracy. Mine did not have the correct grips either, but since I bought it to shoot, I changed out the ones that came with it for some Hogue rubber grips. Sorry I couldn't be of help to you.
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    Scenario #2

    with my trusty thurty thurty anything less than a mile would be dead right then:what: Of course that would be with my lighter than air bullets, faster than light I tell you and loaded with super X high vel, magnum belted powder and kyronite primers:D
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    Titegroup, 115 gr 9mm, Very Dirty

    I must be doing something wrong, I have been shooting titegroup with 115 grain bullets in a 9mm and its remarkably clean, but I'm running it a little faster than you are, or maybe I should say I'm running them on the top end of the load data. I'm shooting them in a Kimber and accuracy it top...
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    Arkansas Drops New Hampshire From list of States It Honors

    Please do keep us informed, I'm a Arkansas CCHL instructor and I haven't been notified of any changes by the ASP.