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    Gun used in suicide

    There is an old saying for buying antiques that I think is relevant here: buy the object, not the story. YMMV
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    What primers to use with 2400 in .357.

    Small pistol primers. I use primarily Win
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    Getting rid of a junk gun

    -T. That's exactly what happened during the DC sniper shootings. Not far out there at all.
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    How many magazines come with the LCP?

    Midway USA has extra mags for 24.99 apiece.
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    +1 on the advice to avoid the general discussion area on ARFCOM. That's where a lot of the trash is posted.
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    Gun Safes in garages

    I did this for one full season when I was renting. I created a false front for it so that neighbors couldn't see what it was. Just some food for thought.
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    Dude, are you wearing a bra?

    Another vote for the shoulder holster from US Galco. I have one and can easily conceal a full size 1911. The key, as others have mentioned, is two layers. First a t shirt and then a cover shirt (easy if you are using it in a business setting with a dress shirt and/or jacket. Works fine with...
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    Mag sale at MidwayUSA.

    Thanks for the heads up. I really like CMC mags.
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    remington 870 question, 2 3/4 vs 3 inch

    I think the main difference is RECOIL. Unless you're hunting, most times the 2 3/4" is sufficient.
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    Deputy not too nice...

    While I would certainly not want to have to listen to someone lecture me about my rights, one thing that hasn't been brought up is why you brought the AR out in the first place....
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    Best bargian basement bolt gun on the market?

    I'm not sure what they are going for now, but the Rem 700 is a pretty nice bolt gun for the money. There are so many configurations possible, but the ADL without the removable magazine is one of the most inexpensive ones--although I think they run a little higher than your $350 cutoff.
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    Underlugs and their function

    Thanks for the info--it's good to see that I'm not the only one who prefers full underlugs. I hadn't thought about the weight/recoil issue.
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    Underlugs and their function

    I was reading another thread earlier tonight on 44 special ammo and started thinking about underlugs on revolver barrels. This is the link and the picture was posted by Stainz. The revolver in the bottom of the picture has a full underlug--...
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    Must have AR options?

    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned A great resource for all aspects of the black rifle.
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    Buy a car, get a free gun

    I saw this yesterday and thought "what gun would I get for only $250?" Cool idea, especially since the idea was conceived after Obama's remarks.
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    Which Powders? 44 Mag + 45 ACP

    I also use unique for 45 and 2400 for 44 mag.
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    Learn from my mistake! Damaged SP101

    Glad to hear that you're OK. Definitely keep us posted if you hear from Ruger.
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    need help with first snub-nose revolver

    One thing to keep is mind is that if you get a 357, you can use it for 38s, too. Snubs in 357 hold their value a little more than those in 38.
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    Probably a Stupid Question Regarding 1911s, But...

    For more info than you ever wanted to know about 1911s (and a subforum on mags), check out
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    Ruger Mark II/III Auto .22LRs...The Perfect Kit Gun?

    I love them, too. It would be the gun I shot the most if it were easier to disassemble.