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    Who uses a weaponlight on their medium-size CCW?

    People really need to read this article. I am totally baffled by some of these replies. What exactly do people think they are going to be doing with their CCW and carry guns? Give away your position? If you are being attacked and forced to defend yourself, I hate to break this to you but your...
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    Bifocal wearers what do you do?

    Its going to work differently for everyone. But what I do suggest is if you carry, practice with what you wear every day.
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    What was the first gun you ever bought for yourself?

    Mossberg pump shotgun, with the extra barrel and a S&W model 66. Bought them at the same time.
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    Can I cheat? Red dots, lasers, other aids make it easier?

    Red dots can be very reliable depending on the model, a lot more reliable than fiber optics. Lost track of how many of those I've seen fall out of a front sight post. On the other hand red dots have fought a long drawn out war under a harsh climate with amazingly few complaints about them. Well...
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    What firearms "terminology" makes you grit your teeth?

    The word gunfighter is also a Hollywood invention, they were called shootist.
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    What firearms "terminology" makes you grit your teeth?

    I'll point out its a line item. its Meals, ready to eat. Its not Ready, meals to eat. Scan down a list of items looking for rations, good luck finding ready. Meals is going to be right there. The military can certainly be strange but the nomenclature does make a certain sense even if its not...
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    What firearms "terminology" makes you grit your teeth?

    Its a term that has been around for a long time. Its also a term of art for the military and not just ours. But I am sure if you bring it up to the military they will be glad to change it to something more modern because it bothers you.
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    What firearms "terminology" makes you grit your teeth?

    Shootist is the historically accurate term. Gunslinger is a term essentially created by Hollywood. It may have gone out of common modern use but for the time of the movie it was accurate.
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    What firearms "terminology" makes you grit your teeth?

    I don't get bothered. I don't even understand why people do. Seems silly to me. As long as we can communicate what possible difference does it make. The one thing that really amuses me though is how often the most pedantic are actually wrong and think current slang is correct. The propellant...
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    What firearms "terminology" makes you grit your teeth?

    So, never in the military. As others have said terms can be revealing.
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    What firearms "terminology" makes you grit your teeth?

    Well we have had "kit bags" since the 40's in the military. They are generally used to hold parachute equipment and flight gear.
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    Do you think the quality of firearms is declining?

    I think quality is better, they are not as pretty though. Blue steel did not die as a cost cutter, it died because it did not prevent rust nearly as well the new finishes. That was its original purpose, to prevent rust. Wood went the same way. People were spending extra money to buy replacement...
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    The CA mag “surrender” was defeated in Fed court - have all states grandfathered mags?

    An interesting thing about NJ they are required to turn magazines into the state police, as of last week they have not had a single magazine turned in. Since the ban extends to off duty police. It seems that there are a fair number of police that are not complying as well as citizens.
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    Strategy for Ammo/Supply Shortages

    I also got caught in the first ammo shortage. Learned my lesson. I stock a year's supply. That has allowed me to ride out the last two shortage without affecting my shooting. There is a glut of ammo right now. Buy some. If you shoot a lot, buy a lot. There will be a shortage before the 2020...
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    Too old to be armed?

    Purity of ideals often collides with reality. In this case the elephant in the room is dementia. My mother had it. I suspect I will as well if I live that long, which I hope I don't. Rather have a heart attack take me out clean in my seventies and I'm in my sixties now.
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    What are your primary considerations in gun selection for CCW?

    I don't care about looks. Its a tool not an expression of my personality and esthetics. I would say the next three things are so important that they are deal breakers if a gun does not have it. Reliability, ease of carry and accuracy. When it needs to go bang then it really needs to go bang...
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    Democrats Plan to Pursue Most Aggressive Gun-Control Legislation in Decades

    Every state has cities, cities elect left.
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    Maryland Police officers serving 'red flag' gun seizure fatally shoot armed man

    I am confused, why serve something like this when they did? Why not do it in the light of day? Why do it when the normal reaction of a knock on the door is to alarm someone? If it was that hot of an issue, which I doubt, because I really don't think they got a judge out of bed at that hour, with...
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    Practice what you why not carry FMJ?

    If that is your big concern then shoot and carry Winchester White Box JHP. Its not the best JHP out there but its not the worst either. In fact everyone is always surprised at how well it tests. Don't get me wrong, its not Gold Dot but it is not that bad and certainly better than ball and its...