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    Help me chose my EDC - final sense check

    I'm sure others have said it but since you have the 17, get the 26.
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    Why do Sig and Canik mags work on Taurus pt111?

    It's not completely uncommon. There are a couple of guns that work with 3rd gen S&W mags; the model names escape me but I'm sure someone else will chime in with an answer. Wait.... The Lion hearts work with 3rd gen mags. That's all I can remember for now.
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    FBI approved 9mm ammo... what to feed your Glock

    oneounceload wins the thread.
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    FBI approved 9mm ammo... what to feed your Glock

    Either Gold Dot 124 +p or the equivalent HST loading. Right now I'm carrying the Federals but in standard pressure.
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    How well will a Sig P239 hold up to .357sig?

    I have a P239 that was my EDC for many years until not too long ago. When I first purchased it, I got a great deal on nearly 1000 rounds of the Federal BP 9mm +P+ and shot all of it through the P239. I didn't notice any significant wear to the frame or internals. Over 8000 rounds or so later and...
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    Have you tried Remora holsters? Just a novice.

    The idea is cool and seems like it would be pretty convenient. However, I'm not very comfortable with carrying any holster that does not clip on to something. I'm sure it would be fine with something like a keltec or LCP, anything above those in weight and size, I want clips / loops and a good belt.
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    Improving the Ruger Mark III...BUT How?

    I've been putting off removing the mag safety from my 22/45 since I got it. I'll probably never do it as that would mean taking it apart; I've only taken it down 3 times in nearly 8000 rounds and have had a single issue.
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    Need Help Compiling a List of Single Stack 9's for Concealed Carry

    You're list of criteria is describing the S&W M&P Shield. The M&P 9c is another great choice..
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    Do you consider packaging when buying ammo?

    I wish they would just stick it in a ziplock baggie and pass the savings on...
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    Remington RM380 (Roghbar R380) is out?

    Taurus supposedly had Beretta's original machinery and look how that turned out.
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    Sig 225 Re-release

    Sig can never go wrong with the P-series. Now if they would only re-release the P-245...
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    Kahr PM 9 vs. Kahr MK9

    I carried Kahr's for a long time and I think it's pretty safe to say the MK9 is the better made gun. Leaving the steel vs polymer issue aside, in my experience, the polymer used on Kahr's is not very durable and the magazines seem to have a fair amount of problems. I was also able to sling shot...
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    How do you carry spare mags for Kahr?

    I no longer carry Kahr but when I did, I carried my spare mags the same way I always have with every gun, on the belt in a mag pouch.
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    Bought the new Taurus Curve

    17 rounds is pretty quick for a new taurus to crap out. I got you beat though, 4 rounds into a 6 round cylinder of a 617 before a complete lock up :neener: Hope it gets taken care of quick and correct.
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    What's your favorite AIWB holster?

    Right now I'm using a no name Kydex holster I got off ebay while I wait on this from bravo...
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    I officially joined the 1911 club...

    I love the clean slide look with the logo in the rear. Congrats.
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    Walther CCP

    There are far better choices out there. I was disappointed by the CCP as it seemed very promising. I would have liked it Walther made it in their Ulm factory and made it the size as the old S&W 99 compact.
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    In defense of my Single Action choice......

    I only own one single action, a Ruger New Vaquero and the only thing that stops me from carrying it (outside the range and family property) is the massive size and hefty weight. Otherwise, it feels great, shoots great and looks great.
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    Why so ridiculous on EDC?

    I guess its different for everyone. My wife and some of my friends think I'm crazy for carrying a gun, spare mag, pocket knife and small pen light. As for the spare mag, I didn't always carry one but now I do. Not so much for the extra ammo but for malfunctions. I think to say that you shoot...
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    Who carries cocked-and-locked?

    I'm in the no safety striker fired camp. I'm surprised by the results of the poll so far.