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    just back from a gun auction.....

    Really nice M44 there. The RGuns, Carpentersville IL stamping is an import mark.
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    Buying a VZ-58?

    I knew that ORF had made receivers, and had even read of some problems with some of them. If there was a bum receiver from ORF, that is an issue and he should be yelling at ORF over it. I was just curious to know how the OP had a receiver and parts kit, built by another party, and called it an...
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    Buying a VZ-58?

    This strays from the topic, but I have to ask, since it makes no sense. The Galil was built from a receiver, a parts kit purchased several months later, by a guy in Colorado. And it was built by ORF? The "O" in ORF is for Ohio. What was their part in this? Did they make the receiver? Did...
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    Best AK for $650 or less, Saiga-->AK or Roma, Yugo, Bulgar, Chicom ?

    I've seen this claim as well, but have never seen it substantiated. I'd like to see the source as well.
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    why the rush and hurry slow down a sec....

    I understand what you're saying, and agree completely. Unfortunately, those who sell guns would immediately jack up the price if the election goes badly for us. And people will buy, for whatever ridiculous price these guys want to ask for them. The free market works that way and there's only...
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    DC to ban magazines and clips over 10 rounds

    Uhhh....they tried that and lost. This idiot Moten should look up "DC v. Heller".
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    Stupid business move?

    For me, the 8 bucks would have been far less significant than "the attitude". Once I've seen "the attitude", I don't go back. Who knows? This shop could be one of the those who would be quick to whine about the internet putting them out of business. Those who have "the attitude" probably...
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    First AK advice

    I'm confused. The OP said he wanted to spend around $400 or so. I have to ask all those recommending them, where can I find an Arsenal AK for around $400? Is there a source for these? It's pretty much universally agreed that Arsenal makes a fine rifle, maybe the best, but a guy with only...
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    First AK advice

    Not a whole lot in the $400 range. Pretty much WASR territory. Not a bad thing, if you can buy one in person, ordering sight unseen can be a crapshoot. Henderson Defense would be a good bet for one of these. More options will take more money.
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    Best Sig Forum? Got My first Gun: Mosquito

    For ammo, start with CCI Mini-Mags. I used some cheaper ammo for my first range trip with my Mosquito, and was greatly disappointed. Many over on sigforum have reported decent results with the Remington golden bullet stuff. Mine won't work at all with it, but does like the Winchester Super X...
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    right hand, left eye dominant, anybody else with this issue?

    My son is right handed and left eyed. He shoots his handguns righty but uses his left eye. He shoots long guns left handed. We figured this out when he was pretty young, well before he reallly developed any shooting habits. It was his own decision to deal with the issue the way he has, and...
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    Self Built AR vs Pre built AR

    Someone posted on another board that "if you can use a fork to eat without poking out your eye, you can assemble an AR". Pretty accurate assessment, IMO. I have two kit built guns that run like a champ, both were somewhat less expensive than a similarly equipped factory rifle.
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    would you shoot it

    I have a kkale marked Mauser from 1944 also. I've shot it several times, with surplus Turk ammo. The pucker factor was high for the first few rounds, but I didn't have any problems with it.
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    High quality AR15 magazines

    The last batch of AR mags I bought were Pmags and C-Products. There are a lot of good ones out there. I saw some new Okay Industries 30 round mags with green followers at a show today for $10 each. They were from the ban era, and were marked as such, which may be why they were that cheap. A...
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    What will your next handgun be?

    Sig P226 Sig P229 Ruger Bisley in .45 Colt Ruger Redhawk in .45 Colt
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    AK - Lower High End

    Can one of the "better" AK's even be found in that price range? People are snatching up anything that resembles a Kalashnikov. That, along with the dwindling number of parts to build from have driven the prices upward. I don't think that 4-500 is going to get anything BUT and WASR or a base...
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    Two new AKs this week.....Photos

    Nice looking rifles there. I purchased a Bulgarian from Atlantic recently and have been happy with it. Lubed it, loaded it, and it worked like an AK should. I don't think anybody could ask for more than that. I'd be hard pressed to pass up a SAR like that one if I ran across one locally...
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    Opinions of Sig Mosquito ?

    Mine works OK with MiniMags and Winchester Super X, and only works with the lighter of the two recoil springs. Remington GB doesn't feed well at all, and with any standard velocity or economy ammo, it's a pump action pistol. Proper lubrication is absolutely necessary, it seems pretty...
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    The Tantals are reported to be great guns, but a batch was put out by Century Arms that used a US made barrel that did not have the correct bore size. Not all the Century guns had this problem and were supposed to be good to go. The Interarms guns like the one you linked to are getting pretty...
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    Sig P6 Curiosity

    The P6 is probably the best value on the pistol market these days. The downside is the high cost of extra magazines, but the are a superb little pistol. Mine has a fair amount of holster wear, but very little mechanical wear.