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    For use inside a building...

    Yes allaround hunter I dont know nothing ,you in turn know so much you are not willing to accept the facts or as they say cannot see ythe forest for the trees. I just happen to know some of the real seals and that is all I have to say, you want my sources , I can tell you it will never happen...
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    Opinions on budget rifles.

    I got a Savage youth 243 for my grandson and it workout great. I since have seen the Remington 700 youth model in 243 and wish I have gotten that one.
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    For use inside a building...

    In a shooting scenario inside a building the correct answer is a 45 acp pistol, not a carbine or rifle, for close quarters the pistol can go from target to target faster in a small space, at least that is the way seal teams do it, and they dont use the sights ,you look at the target and shoot...
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    Just how big is the .300 BLK?

    I think it made it big !!!! Ammo is available at my local walmart. If you want it for subsonic get it otherwise there are better choices. I reload and try not to buy a lot of ammo so I chose the 7.62 x 40 WT, the blackout is a 7.62 x 35 both based on the 223 case. More powder more speed...
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    How to design gas system? Brassey's Essential Guide to Military Small Arms: Design Principles and Operating Methods
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    Rem 700/Model Seven vs. Ruger M77

    I guess I am in the minority but I prefer the 700 , I owm a 308 mil spec and a SS laminated stock in 300 win shortmag, had a 30 06 but sold it. The mil spec is great and very accurate the stainless shortmag is a great hunting rifle. If you get a mil spec you dont need to do anything to it as...
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    One Gun Man - what's he (she) carry?

    My choice would be my Browning BLR takedown scout in 308 . It can be taken down and stuffed in a backpack.
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    .22 Girlfriend Concealed Carry Conundrum

    I think your girfriend has the right mindset. A 22 lr with mini mags is very effective. I Personally reccomend the walther or the ruger 22 pistols for ladies. I had the wife's of a couple friends in my hunting lease come by and ask for my opinion since I am always test firing guns at our...
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    Buckmark Holster

    Hunter Holster it say it is for the ruger but it also fits the Buckmark, I got one for my buckmark.
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    AR Scope Mounting Problem

    I use the Wilson Combat and the Larue one piece mounts. The Wilson is a little higher , about 1.560 to the centerline on the scope. You need the height to be at least 1.50 otherwise you will be craning your neck to look thru the scope. The Nikon mentioned above sounds like a great deal if it...
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    Mini 14 Feedback

    I got one in 223 I bought used in the early 90's , It is a fun little rifle . I put a scout rail from Amega ranges and a Leupold Scout scope and It will do about 1.5 inch groups at 100 yards off the bench with standard ammo. I also added a flash suppressor , the pin on kind that slides around...
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    .300AAC & come?

    I reload for 308 and 223/5.56 and I looked at the 300BLK and 6.8 and chose the 7.62 x 40 and I am pretty happy with it , BTW I cut my 223 cases with the harbor freight saw and use a Lyman case trimmer to complete them while watching football or Nascar, you dont need a lathe. The 6.8 has a...
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    Traveling across the USA by car, with firearms

    Get a small single stack ( 9mm )pistol and load it with full metal jacket. Keep it concealed unless you need it, stay away from communist states. Why take a gun in the trunk ? if you need it it wont be available.
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    Which Lever Action in Which Chambering

    The 454 Casull out of the Rossi model 92 will have a lot more that 1700 foot pounds with the 18 or 20 inch barrel with some loads. I killed a couple hogs with the Magtech load 260 gr SJSPF from my Rossi 92. The load is rated at 1800 fps out of a 7.5 inch barrel and 1800 foot pounds. My...
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    Shoot or no shoot?

    To stand by while witnessing the commision of a felony and having the means to stop and still do nothing is the definition of a coward. What if we did not have cell phones and cameras what would be your excuse? I Dont know how I would react but you will not be kicking an honest youg man in the...
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    How do I start Hunting?

    Hi Raybanman I would take the hunter safety course and try to make some contacts. You can hunt on wildlife management areas (WMA). If you cannot find a mentor , see if you can get a family member to go with you. I would start on the WMA's in your area by squirrel hunting as you are...
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    Gun for my Daughter?

    A pocket knive is something she can have with her at all times , Benchmade makes a small Griptilian with pink handles, I got my 19 year old grandaugther one and she loved it. For Home a small aluminum baseball bat will work. As far as handguns a small 22 like a Ruger or a Walther will be a...
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    Hornady 150 gr FMJ BT

    I have used them before and they were extremely accurate , I dont think I have had bad bullets from Hornady. Under 1 inch at 100 yards with a Remington 700.
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    NAA .22MAG as a Self Defense option

    I got the 22 mag sidewinder. I carry it in my pocket with a pocket holster. I can carry it with lightweight shorts or any kind of pants. I can fire all five shots in less than 3 seconds and be effective at 3 to 5 yards. The darn thing is so loud it hurts pretty bad without earplugs. When I...
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    Follow me on this one..

    I got a NAA sidewinder in 22 mag , I like it because it can be in my pocket all the time even wearing shorts and a tanktop or mowing my yard. Is it the best? no , but it is always with me.