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    TN Mafia Get together....Isn't it time for another one?

    I likely will not make it. Oh well I got to shoot with Dad last weekend
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    TN Mafia Get together....Isn't it time for another one?

    Hmmm looks like might have a few new faces. I should be able to make it....should. Putting it on the calandar now. Definatly will have to meet up with people at the gun show tho ;) gota get some ammo and stuff...
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    Very sad news - Kentucky Rifle has died...

    Oh speachless. Definatly will be missed :(
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    Birthday range trip, Nashville - 4/24

    hmmm well that was my one last hope of a free weekend with no plans for this month. but oh well I can usualy be talked into shooting. if nothing else to hang out. ill mention it to darrin at work today also.
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    Tennessee really is a different planet.

    wow another person from the tri cities....i still call home Elizabethton...even tho i live here in Nashville. I cant wait to go home and do exactly what was said above.....urinate off the back porch and shoot my guns when I go back up there from time to time to see dad
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    Band of Brothers

    just finished episode 1 here on history channel. goign to have to consider getting that dvd set. wow thats a good show
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    Tennessee really is a different planet.

    we are bad people....we belive in weird i wouldnt move here if i were anyone ;) yea thats it ;)
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    Hey Oleg!

    click here not exactly garand, but close ;). one of olegs i do believe
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    Which THR member is she?

    for some reason darrin has the dear in the headlights look :confused: :uhoh: :scrutiny: ;)
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    Went on a shopping spree today.

    was just out at specality today, didnt see anymore of those or didnt look too closely. rod was wanting to look at the p220's....hes going to become a sig snob ;). I dont know if Ill be able to make it to the gun show saturday the 17th. I may be going with rod to the class for my CCW. Then...
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    Molon Labe gear is done, in the mail tomorrow 4/5/04

    Yay just in time for the next gun show. Probaly end up 3 or 4 of those hats at the nashville gunshow atleast :). cant wait
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    Went on a shopping spree today.

    saw those 150 dollar 870's this weekend frank. i was soooo tempted. they had a 1300 right beside it for 165 i was tempted at as well. but think im going to put money in the bank first. maybe.....where did ya find the police mag, and how much :)
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    Cheatham CO. Range to RE-Open April 1St

    Rod, Darrin and I plan to get there around the 11:30 time...hopefully. Knowing us three it will likely be after noon... I want to spend time with my .22's i think. and the fact i dont want to buy any more basicly bringing what i have which isnt much more than a few handfuls of stuff...
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    My THUMB is gonna get me to sell my handguns.

    Or do like a few of my friends ahve done if that pain doesnt go away. shoot from the weak side. my co worker has problem bowling right handed, so he switched. took a while but hes now better lefty than righty. plus he has started shooting his usp from the left hand....took a while but got...
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    Knob Creek, who's going?

    if anyone is going up for just like saturday from the mid tenn area, and wouldnt mind a co-pliot id be willing to be talked into it. i can drive a stick as good to switch off driving ;). Just dont want to camp or spend much money on such an outting.
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    Project - a DIY ammo locker

    we use such shelves at work for storage. they are quite strong. and they dont bend under weight. giving them 3 walls to rest upagainst would definatly aid in their weight holding. dang it...i could use that idea to ad some storage here in this tiny apartment. not only for ammo but...
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    Cheatham CO. Range to RE-Open April 1St

    Rod, Darrin, and I should be there on sunday with ya. And Frank....once you move down this way just hollar anytime you are heading that way. Im on your way there....we can car pool and save the environment ;)
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    Dad wanting to give a gift...

    Well he sorta is starting to say he doesnt want the Ithica back. He is wanting something to shoot himself and let the stepmom try a 20ga. She is slowly starting to understand guns. He just picked up her Mossburg 500 in .410 this past weekend. All guns are to come to me upon his death no...
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    Dad wanting to give a gift...

    The Ithica will eventualy be mine again, I would love to find another one in 12ga, saw one at the show this weekend but no price and didnt care to ask around. He can get anything new though a guy at his work if its new. He was kinda wanting to do it new...he was saying NIB alot. I will...
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    Dad wanting to give a gift...

    Well he's asking for the Ithica back to help get my stepmom into shooting. So Im happy to give it back. But this leaves me shotgunless. Hes offering to buy me something to replace it, till he gives it back, for my birthday. I was sitting here trying to rack my brain for what would make a...