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    Sako 85 Bavarian

    Reid, thanks for the update with your take on the rifle. I'm somewhat toying with one as well, but man is that a chunk of change to drop all at once. Carries well, and is all they claim it to be on their website?
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    Pocket Carry- With or Without Holster?

    No, but when I pocket carry it's a S&W 638, so it's got a long, heavy-enough trigger (on purpose, mind you), and my pocket's clear of everything.
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    Revolver cylinder

    Get a micrometer, take measurements & pictures, and get back to us.
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    To help out the OP:
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    I only own Revolvers

    Pistol-wise, all I own are revolvers and one 1911. Don't see a need for much else in the semi-auto world.
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    Was the Bill of Rights originally intended only to restrict the federal government?

    Yes. Individual states' inclusions of their own RKBA fell under the domain of the states' "police power."
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    .380 ACP = .38 Spl = 9mm in performance?

    I find a hard time believing that .380 is quite near a nice 9mm or .38 special round. Especially since most people I know tend to carry +P in their 9mm or .38.
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    CZ75 P-07 Duty Pics.

    That plastic holster design looks like if you weren't paying attention and pulled the pistol out at just the wrong angle, the front sight might snag. With such a weird channel, that would seem to eliminate holstering without looking.
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    New NAA Mini Topbreak?

    The world needs more top-break .22s for fun. Wish they'd make a bigger one.
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    Which grips do you like?

    A Tyler T is necessary for the bottom two.
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    Would you let ammo availability influence your purchase choice?

    Absolutely I would. Gun's a misshapen club if you cannot obtain ammo.
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    Crimson Trace Poll

    They ride on my 1911. I can print a full mag into a ragged, one shot group at 15+ yards, shooting one handed from the hip, in a low-light scenario using the things. Does it mean I don't practice with my sights? No. Does it mean I don't turn them off and practice on fundamentals most of the...
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    Why is it ball?

    .38 was called that because it was the outside diameter of the original heeled bullet, IIRC, but still the same diameter barrel. Many old .36 cal Colt Navy revolvers were converted to .38 of some manner later on, IIRC. .38 Special works the same way as .38 S&W vs. .38 Short v. .38 Long, etc...
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    All right, which one of you guys did this?

    They messed up the grip/frame.
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    Any reason I shouldn't get a new GP100 6"

    Aside from the billboard, the fact that they're really heavy, and the fact that their triggers are often sub-par and kinda gritty, no.
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    Desert Eagle .357 Mag - To Buy or Not to Buy

    Go for it. You only live once, and you can always sell it later. The only thing I can think of, outside the fact that they're heavy and huge, is that you cannot use .38 Special in it, to my knowledge.
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    Or an M1 Carbine with a folding stock. ;)
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    What do you do with your bedside gun?

    This sums it up for me as well. My daily CCW weapon is my nightstand gun.
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    Glove compartment gun, which one?

    There may or may not be a S&W J-frame floating around in the glovebox of my old Jeep Cherokee. Really freakin' small glove box (from when they were a "glove box" instead of a "crap carrier"), so I needed a smallish gun anyway to fit/share space with owner's manual, etc. Not only is .38 +P...
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    Where did all the Thompsons go?

    Non-registered NFA items, and if they were converted to semi-only somehow, they're still SBRs and thus non-registered NFA items. Jeremy nailed it.