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    St. Louis Mayor and Police Officers Shot 2/7

    Boy, I sure hope that a lot of you people here who flat out condemn this guys actions as crazy or unjustifiable, and that the law is the law, never get elected into government... Because you obviously have no concept of liberty, property rights, or even what the 2nd was meant for... Like I...
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    St. Louis Mayor and Police Officers Shot 2/7

    I don't, I wouldn't have taken the same actions that he did, for the supposed violations of his civil rights. I just understand why. And if this march to nanny state continues there will be more of this, and maybe someday MY line will be crossed too. If YOU don't have a line george29, then...
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    St. Louis Mayor and Police Officers Shot 2/7

    I said what I said, and you are free to interpret it any way you wish. If we are not allowed to discuss how a man justified this action to himself, then why are we discussing this shooting at all??? Just so you can call him another nutjob who will get our rights taken away??? That does...
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    St. Louis Mayor and Police Officers Shot 2/7

    There comes a point at which a government is tyrranical. When that happens, and you've used all non violent means to correct the problem. The only answer is violence. This guy believed he had no other recourse after taking the city to court and losing. He decided to take action and vote with...
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    St. Louis Mayor and Police Officers Shot 2/7

    Yeah, so that when the elected government trashes our rights, and the judiciary goes along with it. And when all other recourse fails, we won't have the ability that the founding fathers intended to resist that tyrrany through the use of arms.
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    St. Louis Mayor and Police Officers Shot 2/7

    I have a feeling that shootings like this are some of the first shots fired in a coming war... This shooting could've been avoided had the government butted out of this man's life... And it looks to me like he even pursued his legal alternatives for redress, and when that failed. He...
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    Black Talons

    A local gunshop still has some in 10mm I bet those will really do some damage....:D
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    Semi pro gun Richardson sounded good and genuine

    it really doesn't matter though, he doesn't have the charisma that Obama or Hitlery have... I'm sure one of them will be the nominee...
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    Semi pro gun Richardson sounded good and genuine

    I would say that richardson is better than most SERIOUS republican candidates. But I did note that he did kind of dance around the issue a bit, since so many D voters are anti's....
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    The NRA and PARKER

    Clearly we have NO constitutional right to keep and bear in the minds of our politicians. AWB, DC ban, draconian registration schemes in NJ and Ill, all point to this being the case. There is NOTHING stopping all these worst case scenarios from going into law RIGHT NOW. Without a negative...
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    PA gun registration

    Here's the thing, many of these bills get introduced EVERY session. We just had a HUGE committee of the whole on gun violence (gun control) where just about every proposal was killed before getting a full vote. The Dems from PHilly are always going to go after our guns. The only difference...
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    Second Guess The Supreme Court

    The problem with the NFA is not the tax and registration, rather it is the fact that in 86 they closed the machine gun registry. They will not accept the tax for any new machine guns.
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    Tank Johnson (Chicago Bears Player)....

    What was the incident that got him probation in the first place? This really makes me sick... You subjects of ILL need to stand up against this tyrrany...
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    Police raid wrong house...

    The point is that a dynamic entry was TOTALLY uncalled for in this instance. Had they actually knocked with a warrant, no harm, no foul. Now the fact that they were searching for guns, is distrubing...
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    My best friend shot me in the foot!

    Last season at an IDPA shoot I was watching and got stung square in the breastplate with splatter... It was hard enough to draw blood through my tshirt. I then realized just HOW important eye protection is.
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    M1 Carbine vs M1 garand

    for plinking go carbine, for battle rifle, Garand. If you want something that has hi cap mags, you have to go carbine. I saw many M2 30 rounders at the last gun show for under $20. Firepower means different things to different people, if you want a higher powered round, go Garand, if...
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    Where is your breaking point?

    What about the "unintended consequences" scenario... That is, an uprising which convinces the PTB to return to a constitutional government, not a complete overthrow.
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    A Letter from Rudy Guiliani

    The dearth of electable Republican candidates is why I am seriously considering register as a Democrat and voting for Bill Richardson in the primary. I'd love to vote for Ron Paul, though. Frankly so far, Richardson is the only one who I don't see as dangerous. If PA's primary were worth a...
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    How to avoid arrest video

    actor knows is being made by a peace officer, There are no peace officers left... There are only Law enforcement officers...