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    RIP RC Model sad news

    R.I.P. enjoyed reading his post as they were all most all ways filled with wisdom.
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    Pietta 1858 Remington .36 caliber accuracy

    badvibes, the 36 cal. 1858 Remington (Pietta) has bigger chambers than the 1851 colt clones from Pietta. With that said the 51 with a full load is about on par with a 380 acp round, but with a bigger starting hole. As for the accuracy of my 1858 Remington in 36 cal is excellent and it has...
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    Cleaning 1873 after black

    Remove grips, hose, scrub down, and dry then hit the internals with some WD40. Done.
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    SP101 - front sight recommendations

    I've used glow-on on my sp101 and it has worked pretty well so far. Fairly inexpensive too.
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    A thread to post your hunting success so far this year.

    @DNS. LOL, okay that makes sense now. Also wanted to add cool youtube channel. @ caribou. Looks like you and Agnes really cleaned up this year. Must have been a heck of a gut pile.;) @jrdolall. Congrats, my 4 year old little girl has seen me bring home a few animals over the past few...
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    A thread to post your hunting success so far this year.

    @ 1:17 in the Zeus holiday hog hunt video there is a penguin looking head or hat on the ground and you wearing what looks to be the other half of the outfit as a sort of vest. :). If i am wrong, sorry.
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    A thread to post your hunting success so far this year.

    okay so i watched the last video and I have to ask: What is up with the outfit. :what:
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    A thread to post your hunting success so far this year.

    Okay, here we go. I know it is not much but got this for a hunt in some swamps (that way if i lost it I was not out too much) but it quickly became my favorite rifle to hunt with. It is a H&R Handi Rifle in .223. Thing is dead nuts accurate, especially with my hand loads. Lets see what you...
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    223 powders.

    any one ever use IMR 4320, seems to be what is in stock and there is load data for it on hodgdon's website in .223 rem.
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    Anyone else really like the Remington 7615?

    Wow, who called out the haters? The op asked who liked their 7615, not who hates it.
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    My red stag

    Nice Stag, by the smiles on your faces it looks like y'all had a great time. Did you get to bring back the antlers at least?
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    Thanksgiving Birthday present....

    That is a very cool story and a very nice looking buck.
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    Rain on opening day

    I kinda love a light rain to, water gear is a must though. If it is a down poor I tend not to go out though. It can sure be hit or miss in the rain to. If you are hunting a path way to a water source forget about it.
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    Has marketing taken over?

    Wow, I could see that being kind of dangerous for the hunter inside. Just think if a deer where standing on the back side when another hunter comes walking by....
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    Loss of hunting dog

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
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    hunting damage to animals

    Well let me put it this way, I have shot both deer and hog with my .223. For the hogs I went for head shots and lung shots. The hogs either drop right there with the head shot or ran 10 yards with the lung shot. As for the deer I try for the base of the neck or right behind the elbow. They...
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    Your Favorite Centerfire rifle round for deer.

    I quite enjoy my Handi Rifle in .223 rem, ammo is cheap to practice with and I am dead nutz accurate with the thing. With 2 seasons under it's belt it has 5 Hogs and 2 deer under the belt, all with varying ranges from 300 yards to 50 yards. Before this it would have been the 30-30.
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    Not again.......! Feral Hog Control in East Texas

    Looks like he was using the Hog Hammer again... Nice.
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    let's count with guns and gun terms.

    Smith & Wesson -- Model 31-3
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    Texas Primary Election - March 4th

    Thanks for the list, there were a few on my sample ballot that I was up in the air about.