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    Guns you wish were in .22r?

    i'd kinda like a keltec sub 2000 in .22lr -- maybe a bit leaner but same principle. i'd buy one for sure.
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    Affordable .357 Magnum rifle?

    ruger lcr in 357 (or ruger sp101), ruger gp-100 4" (if you want adjustable sites, otherwise 3" is real handy, especially with the smaller compact grips), and marlin 1894c ... can't go wrong with that combo. if you go with an sp101 for the "compact" revolver then you can almost do without a...
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    Aimpoint Pro Co-witness

    there's a spacer -- you can choose to do either.
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    Kel-Tec Sub-2000 Red Dot Experiment Success

    i love my sub2k as is -- i find the sights to be serviceable and pretty accurate for what it is... and bone-stock it's so compact and handy. i mean, i guess i "get it" that people want optics, but it really takes away from the whole purpose and novelty of the thing.
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    A Salute To You Folks In Wisconsin...

    i'm a resident of texas with a texas chl which is honored now in wisconsin -- i spent most of the summer and part of the fall up in wisconsin, suffering through all of the hysteria and fear mongering ("blood in the streets", "think of the children!", etc) leading up to november 1st when...
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    Open Carry in Texas

    i think the main effect of this would be to essentially make it so you can't get in (so much) trouble if you accidentally let your cover garment ride up and show your gun without you realizing. right now that's a pretty big no-no. other than that, i'm not sure what this achieves. i mean, if...
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    Top shot show on History

    too bad... constantly sending jamie was pretty cheap.
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    Top shot show on History

    yeah that's seriously lame. what they did was *NOT* individual competition, what they did was combine the teams... call it what it is. to say they survived to the individual portion was a lie. neither guy who ended up in elimination deserved to be there.
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    AR-15 Purchasing Options

    i have a feeling there will be a lot of "go to" or "use the search" or.. well, you get the idea. BUT i'm kinda in the same boat. i'm wanting to get my first AR and i want to do it right. but to be completely honest the amount of info out there is overwhelming, both in sheer volume as...
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    Hit this CNN 10 round magazine ban poll

    i heard one politician (the one responsible for writing this i believe) saying that if you currently own any of the mags then you can keep them. but unlike the previous ban, private sale of pre-ban mags will not be allowed.
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    Hit this CNN 10 round magazine ban poll

    yeah i was thinking it was odd as well. i was watching it for a while now, and it's steadily been 59-41, but i just loaded it now and it changed to 60-40. so it's moving but in the wrong direction. i wish i could say it's hard to believe. **edit: and after a reload it's back to 59-41 again...
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    Any info about CZ Rami's?

    i was also very interested in acquiring a RAMI BD with the decocker, and almost special ordered one without ever seeing it. i'm sort of glad i did not. i have no doubt at all about what a fine gun it would be, i absolutely love my P-01, but i think the RAMI just isn't that much smaller in the...
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    New Ruger LC9... anyone compare the specs with the Kahr PM9 yet?

    that's correct... saying "if you don't like the safety, don't use it" is really pretty silly for obvious reasons.
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    New Ruger LC9... anyone compare the specs with the Kahr PM9 yet?

    i actually got a little excited about this -- and then i noticed they added a manual safety. bummer... i'm a fan of the little LCP, and if the LC9 was basically an upsized LCP with same controls, i'd get one. but with the addition of a manual safety i'm afraid i'm out.
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    Texas 30.06 Sign legality?

    i think the above is the main problem here -- if the doors were propped open such that you couldn't see what was on them when normally entering the store then it's a bit unfair. you're not meant to have to play detective to search for any possible signage, it's supposed to be obvious. but i...
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    Ruger GP-100 3" Blued

    i have a 3" in stainless and absolutely love it -- it's pretty much my go-to house gun. it's a bit on the heavy side for concealed carry, but i'd have no trouble trusting my life to it. with how accurate my 3" gp100 is i'd definitely like to get another... they're just that great. i've...
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    What is the best revolver for HD?

    1) spring life is affected by cycles of loading and unloading -- not by continuous compression. so if you unload your mag every night and load it every morning, then you might be wearing it out prematurely. however, if you load it and leave it loaded most of the time (aside from normal range...
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    M-700 here we go again.

    i think this is an important point -- but not for your same reason. a lot of people have knee-jerk reaction to defend remington from the big bad media and blame the reported accidents on unsafe handling. the problem is that if the reports are true and if indeed there is a problem, then...
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    Baffling Tales from the Range

    maybe he was eyeballing it from the shooting line -- ya know, pinching fingers together at arm's distance, looking 100yds away and his fingertips were only 1/2" apart ;) if held at 3ft, that would be what ... 8 ft group at 100yds? :)
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    LCP magazine wiggle

    how much is "a lot" ? i just checked mine, and there is a bit of play front to back, but not "a lot". that being said, when i unloaded my mag, so there was no more tension from the spring and the rounds, then the wiggle is a little more noticeable.