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    RIP RC Model sad news

    The passing of a Sage. Rest in peace.
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    If you could buy a bullpup chassis for your bolt rifle, would you?

    I don't know how I would feel by having the action that close to my precious and beautiful face. Though I do like the look of the Walther WA 2000. Which isn't a bolt rifle.
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    Favorite gun cleaning solution

    I've heard from the ancients that mercury is/was the best for removing lead deposits.
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    .22 more available!

    Let's see. I don't own a .22 but when I go to any establishment that carries ammo I check. A newer gun store had a whole bunch of it for like $10-12 for a box of 50. I don't remember the brand. Dicks didn't technically have any. They did have, for $25, a Remington cleaning kit with remoil...
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    Verizon FIOS Drops the Sportsman and Outdoors Channels

    When a provider drops channels it's usually due to the parties not reaching an agreement that involves money. I don't have verizon cable and I don't know about this issue. I don't know if they are dropping the channels because politics or some other reason. Anyways, you should (if you can)*...
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    Comparing the Cost of Shooting Sports

    My point is that firearms offer both a hobby and a utility.
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    District Attorney on New York's Long Island bans prosecutors from owning guns

    Good. We wouldn't want a conflict of interest to occur when the blue collar schmuck gets denied a permit to own, let alone carry, versus a publicly employed prosecutor of whom could probably get the process expidited in their favor. Gotta keep the playing field level. I'm with Old Fuff...
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    Comparing the Cost of Shooting Sports

    You are looking at this all wrong. You're right, Guns and accesories can be quite pricey. Though you can't effectivley defend against home invaders with a Cliff bar, LL bean backpack and a pair of Merrill (sp?) hiking boots. Well, maybe you can. You can't kill a deer, pig or some prize...
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    BUDK Knives and Swords

    Stabbed myself in the thigh, right above the knee with an Mtech folder. The blade was loose so you could flip it without using the thumbstud. I was flipping it one day and it slipped out of my hands and flew 2 inches into my thigh lol. I bled like a stuck pig for hours and had an irritating...
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    BUDK Knives and Swords

    I would put them at Frost cutlerly levels.
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    commemorative guns

    That guy probably paid $250 for those wrenches. If I was a collector I wouldn't go for one of those commemorative pieces. Some of them are quite cheesy and still have that mass produced look to them. I would seek something with some historical background or work done it by a well known...
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    San Fransisco's last gun shop closes

    Darn shame, but oh well. San Fran didn't do this, "The People" of San Francisco did this. Their officials they elected carried out the will of the people. Can't bash a government that does what it's asked. I do find it odd that they want to close because they have to send footage to the...
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    Bear mauling.

    Alaska is cold Texas is hot When it came to the bear The Texan couldn't make the shot
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    How do we get a National Right to Carry Law enacted?

    $queaky wheel$ get the grea$e. A lot of money to a lot of people if you are serious to get something of this magnitude passed. Im serious too. Politicians are like machines, and require lubricant frequently and in copius amounts too. Their lubricant money, stocks and prestigious jobs.
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    Another Example of: If you draw a gun you need to be prepared to use it

    But there was no law enforcement around to percieve her actions as a credible threat let alone thwart the attack by the guy. Also many defensive gun uses happen without a shot being fired. Im not saying that she didn't need to shoot, she did obviously. She should have taken a shot the second ol'...
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    Best looking folder.

    He didn't put up a picture of a Mead or Avery file or manilla folder. That would have been funny. I like the look of some garbage Puma folder I have. It resembles bannockburns top picture. I also like the look of the Spanish folding knife, it has a real long blade and such.
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    Trump releases policy paper on Second Amendment...

    From think tanks and polling information to data quantifiers to Donalds mouth to our ears.
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    Unexplored slogan...

    Just go full blown deep cover with an Obama sticker.
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    Well-known instructors/experts before Jeff Cooper

    I always think Defendu when I hear that name.
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    Well, now we know where O'Malley stands...

    Yeah but Maryland has retained it's rich history of hunting and outdoors sportsmanship.... you know the things the 2A is all about. "A well regulated militia, to keep the people safe from roving hoardes of deer and other small to medium game, is essential to the outdoors sportsmen. The...