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    $5K burning a hole, what pistol would you buy?

    Wilson CQB and a Freedom Arms 7.5 in .454 Casull.
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    Buddy wants a 22lr Pistol. Narrowed it down to. Suggestions please

    I’ve owned a Buckmark Camper and a MKIV Target. The Buckmark, like most European shaped guns fits my hand naturally. It was very easy to shoot with a better trigger than my MKIV. The Ruger seems better built but does not feel as “natural” when being held although tight groups are still...
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    Florida court decision Open Carry when fishing...

    I was a little surprised that the 80 minutes to verify they were legally fishing was considered reasonable.
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    Florida court decision Open Carry when fishing...

    I'm with you. It seems their event somewhat backfired with the bittersweet ruling, saying their activity was ultimately legal...but so was the 80 minutes of everyone's wasted time.
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    Florida court decision Open Carry when fishing...

    This is an updated to the 2018 Miami Beach case where an open carry advocacy group was detained for 80 minutes after they open carried on the Miami Beach Pier. They argued their detention was a violation of their rights due to the Florida exception which allows open carry while engaged in...
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    How many times have you dropped a firearm?

    Once, just the slide (glock) onto tile. Hit perfectly on the rear corner and ruined slide due to bent rail.
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    43 yard head shot? Plausible.

    Surprised nobody mentioned the USAF Airman credited with a 70yd headshot with his M9 against an active shooter.
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    What's your latest bucket list handgun?

    Bought one of them, Ruger MKIV Target Would like a matched pair of 7.5” Freedom Arms 83s in 454 and .22.
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    Youngest Picture of You With a Gun

    W/ under water spring cups
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    What do you do with your guns when you're selling your house?

    Our safe was in the listing photos and in plain view during tours. We declined open houses and realtor had customer’s info on all scheduled showings but it still annoyed me having strangers in house. In the end we got lucky and were under contract within 2 weeks. Best decision we ever made to...
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    You guys excited for the inevitable resurgence of Colt?

    If they make a plain jane 1911 with sights and plunger tubes that don’t become unstaked, I’ll probably buy one.
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    Colt bought by CZ

    Would have preferred to see an American company like Ruger buy them but CZ makes great stuff and I look forward to seeing how it pans out.
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    Every day for this entire year I will post old school printed gun ads each day.

    I found the ad via a google image search. I wasn’t in England or anything growing up, pretty sure I saw the American version of this ad in popular mechanics or a hunting mag, not sure but this one looks like the one I remember.
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    Every day for this entire year I will post old school printed gun ads each day.

    As a kid, I used to lust after a 77/22 All-Weather due to this ad...
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    What is everyone's favorite gun oil?

    Just CLP for me. I’ve had issues where guns corroded with Rem oil (Ironically on a Remington 700) after a short period. Probably my fault but it’s never happened with CLP.
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    How many of you change your own sights?

    I have the Maryland Gun Works (309?) sight pusher for my Glocks. It works great.
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    Favorite One Off / Hole in the Wall Sporting / Gun Store

    Frontier Arms, Cheyenne WY (All time fav, frequented them for the 6yrs I was stationed there) They’re a family owned business that really knew their stuff. Lee’s Gun and Pawn, Margate FL (best local guys in Broward county)
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    Highest round count in a single gun?

    I’m sure some of our academy Glock 17s were well into or past 100,000 rds. Each academy class (new one every month) puts about ~3000rds through them. Adds up quickly. Only issues seen were some spring related to trigger if I recall. Probably a common glock thing.
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    Was I Wronged?

    Definitely misrepresented but if action is otherwise “LNIB” I would leave bad feedback and not care...just as the intended soldier would.
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    What’s your concealed setup?

    That’s seems like a really expensive and heavy way to only carry 10rds. Alternatively you could carry a pair of Glock 17s and you’d have 36rds no emotional attachment to a rare handgun when they get impounded following an incident. Or do what *mostly* everyone else does and...