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    Landlord vs. reloading bench

    FYI it is illegal to prohibit satellite dishes per the FCC. You can prohibit damaging mounting (there are guidelines for what is considered damage), but you cannot outright prohibit satellite.
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    How hard is it to get a restraining order lifted?

    It's going to be messy, and unpleasant. Keep your cool, no shouting or doing anything stupid. TRO will come off eventually as long as you do this. As long as she's got nothing to pin on you it should only last the length of the disso procedings at worst...
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    Sacremento Sheriff Planning to Issue More CCW Permits

    that map is BS... I've tried 3 times to get CCW in San Luis using personal protection and transportation of firearms as cause, and been denied all three times.
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    Legalities of guns confiscated by LEO

    Here's a question I've always wondered: what happens when a restraining order gets filed and the police can't find the weapons of the restrained? Here in CA they've got a record of handgun ownership, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're getting handed over... I imagine there are plenty of...
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    Is there any state that issues out of state CC without already having one?

    Washington will issue non-resident no problem, you just have to apply in person.
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    Non Resident Purchases in NH

    Any purchase would have to meet the laws of both the purchase state (NH), and the buyer's state of residence (CA), meaning if the dealer agreed to sell to you they would have to do a DROS on you and hold it for 10 days. Since to my knowledge no dealer outside of CA has the capability to do a...
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    Out of State Handgun Purchase

    Long guns can be purchased out of state as long as the seller follows both the laws of his state as well as that of the buyers. Out-of-state handgun purchases are prohibited by federal law, and as Jimmie mentioned you must have it shipped to an FFL in your state to do the transfer.
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    More FedEx Clerk Ignorance

    You really should check your facts before making such erroneous statements.
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    NYC question

    Unless you're one the privileged elite and a friend of the mayor or similar you're not getting a carry permit in NYC, so it's pretty much a moot point. You cannot buy a handgun outside your state of residence. If you are one of the privileged elite, I'm sure you can afford to fly back down...
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    My Pool - SHTF Public Domain?

    I was just about to ask the same thing, especially since I remember the water rationing we underwent 20 years ago and the massive penalties for going over the mere pittance you were allotted.
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    Now you can buy archival prints of my photos!

    oh come now, Human Details is PG13 at best... ;) any plans for a larger "Quit Staring"? That made me laugh...
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    Pics of meprolights????

    Probably not quite what you were looking for, but... Made that when I first got my digital camera. Had to play around with the exposure settings to get the tritium inserts to show up brightly like that though.
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    Great video - pay special attention to the little girl

    When the heck did they do that? I was just out there the other week with some clays...
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    More BS from hospitals on carry in WI

    I thought Texas eliminated their hospital restriction... they now have to post 30.06's like everyone else.
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    (HI) Licensed gun dealer given probation for firearms violations

    If he pleased no contest to two felonies, how is he ever going to own or sell a weapon again? How can someone be convicted, and then keep those convictions off one's record?
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    Florida Poll about law to allow firearms in cars at workplaces

    I'm opposed to, but not for the above reason. I just don't believe we should be diminishing private property rights for this. I realize it may be difficult in some instances, but if you want to carry and your company doesn't like it, park off-site.
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    thinking about starting side FFL business in CA

    Unfortunately you're forgetting the DROS (also $25), which is what makes it start to add up. Can't really get away with cheaper than $50 in this state...
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    Bill To Repeal "Sporting Purposes" Clause

    I wish Ron Paul was my representative. Instead I've got Lois Capps... :(
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    SF Again?

    She didn't quote the entire section.
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    National ID Card dropped

    National ID is very far from being dropped. Feds (National Institute of Standards and Technology) are now instituting a government id for all employees and contractors. Seeing as they haven't been able to get it all at once, just chip away bit by bit... :(