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    What is the Better All Around Handgun?

    Is it faster to California? or by bus.
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    I got $1000.00 to spend...

    S&W M&P 9C. Then you have $500 to kit it out with night sights and/or CT grips, Apex tactical sear, a nice holster and LOTS of ammo.
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    can you really carry a 45 compact year round

    Easy! I carry a Para Slim Hawg in a C-Rusty Sherrick US High Ride holster. I forget it's there. Doesn't really print at all, unless I were to be suddenly shrink wrapped.
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    I am in love with my new M&P9c!!!

    Alpha take a look at the I installed their Apex Hard Sear. Really nice difference. Eliminates grit, resets easier and breaks better too. No, I don't work for Apex, but I have read a lot of rave reviews on their product(s). Easy to install yourself too! I, like you really like...
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    Need a good custom holster manufacturer.

    Try C. Rusty Sherrick. He will take your order personally and make sure it is exactly the way you want it. I have ordered 2 "U.S. High Ride" holsters from him, one for my Para Slim Hawg and one for my S&W M&P 9C. Both look and feel great. Excellent craftsmanship and only 2 weeks delivered BOTH...
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    Looking for a subcompact 9mm

    Take a look at the Para Wart Hawg. 12+1, 9mm double stack, 1911 sub compact.
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    Para Ordnance

    Para 3" I bought the Slim Hawg .45 ACP almost 2 years ago. Very manageable recoil for a .45 and very accurate for a 3" barrel. The only trouble I had was the magazine not catching on the mag catch. I could pull it out manually at one point. A local smith filed a few burr's away and it has been...
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    How many people START with a 1911?

    My first, a Para Slim Hawg .45 1911
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    Your experience with the Smith and Wesson M&P series

    M&P 9C Love this gun. I installed Bowie night sights and replaced the sear and the firing pin block with Apex parts. Cured the gritty trigger, made for a better reset and but a mere 5.5 lb trigger pull. Like butta! The Apex sear and the FPB are inexpensive and easy to install yourself. Never any...
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    Your pick for 9mm.....$1000 or less

    EMP for me if I where shopping with 1K.
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    Para Slim Hawg .45 vs. M&P 9C for carry

    I recently purchased an M&P 9C and really love the gun, particularly after installing Bowie nights sights and the Apex sear and striker block. Since I tend to handle the kick of the M&P a bit better, as well as the aim, I thought I'd make it my daily carry, but here's the thing: The M&P compact...
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    S&W M&P9c Question

    M&p 9c You may buy either/or. Same price either way.
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    What holster does the fbi use? And other holster reccomendations...

    Check out C.Rusty Sherrick Holsters. He has a "US High Ride" for deep concealment. He made 2 for me, one for my Para Slim Hawg and the other for my M&P 9 Compact. Both have a 10 degree forward cant (rear sweep). He will customize pretty much any holster he offers for you. I have been VERY...
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    Smallest Concealed Carry .45acp?

    No worries Jonah! I'm an enabler! Your welcome AND sorry!
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    New Handgun- which one would you buy?

    I agree with some of the other responders about the M&P. You obviously loved the M&P, less the love for the lack of warranty. Get a new M&P .40 and drop the new Apex sear into it. Makes the trigger very smooth with a nice reset. Best part is the 5.5lb +/- trigger pull. Apex is now also selling a...
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    Smallest Concealed Carry .45acp?

    .45 carry Para Slim Hawg, "purported" to be the smallest 1911 .45 ACP. Easier to carry then my M&P 9 compact. Very manageable recoil IMO. US High Ride C. Rusty Sherrick holster. Comfy and great conceal holster.
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    Interesting Article
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    Installing M&P Bowie Night Sights (with a steel punch)

    I have read a number of threads about using brass and/or nylon punches to install new sights (Night Sights in my case). Well, my night sights arrived yesterday and I didn't have a nylon or brass punch, but I DO have a steel punch. First thing I noticed is that the allen wrench that came with the...
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    How to convert your liberal friends (to win next election)

    Nicely stated Mongoose. In a forum that primarily spouts absolutes, it's good to see a sensible and delicate approach to a contentious issue.
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    Any cool gun tips?

    I found a very nice guy in TX who has a patent pending and sells the "Ultratool", a shim you can install on your guide rod to hold the recoil spring in place to make it very easy to take down a 1911. I own a Para Slim Hawg, and he did not have a stock "tool" for my model, so in exchange for a...