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    New Ruger Security 9 Compact

    I Googled "Ruger Security 9 Compact" and found this discussion. Having not participated on The High Road for a very long time, I thought I'd take a look. After reading through this thread, I now understand why I decided to give up on this forum. This discussion (If you can call it that) is pathetic.
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    bothersome range sessions with friends (sometimes)

    OP you got as mouth, use it: Tell friend(??) number one that he needs to start helping with the cost of ammo. Ask friend (?) number two to shoot his gun. If he balks and complains about the high cost of ammo for his gun or how time consuming it is to clean the gun after a range trip, tell him...
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    Open Carry

    I saw a young man OCing in the Athens, Alabama Walmart the other day. He looked out of place.
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    FNH FNS 9 first range trip review

    JD, What did you do to the P-01 to get it to shoot 1" groups at 25 yds??
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    guns you've fired in your lifetime

    155mm Howitzer
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    Ruger LCP or SW Bodguard?

    Don't buy either. Get an LC9s.
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    Does open carrying long guns really help persuade public opinions in a good way?

    tomrkba said: Incorrect through implication. There is no right to keep and bear arms in the California constitution. The citizens of California buy, use, and dispose of firearms at the whim of their legislature. Please review their insane gun laws (including the most recent round of stupidity)...
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    Does open carrying long guns really help persuade public opinions in a good way?

    The guy from California said it earlier: (I'm paraphrasing) Look what the OC nuts in California accomplished. OC legislated right out of existence.
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    Does open carrying long guns really help persuade public opinions in a good way?

    Open carry of long guns in urban settings (for RKBA reasons) is just plain, butt a**ed ignorant/stupid. OC of handguns in urban settings (For the sake of exercising RKBA) is really not wise. You can exercise your RKBA right by carrying concealed. Most of you OCers have concealed carry permits...
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    Child killed mother

    Might be a good case/situation for having an external safety on a handgun.
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    Sandy hook parents to sue Bushmaster

    Is this correct (I don't know for certain)?? It sticks in my mind that the door through which Adam Lanza entered the school was intentionally left unlocked/open so that the teachers could make easy entry into the building.
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    Sandy hook parents to sue Bushmaster

    Don't see how the case wouldn't be dismissed. The responsibility for what happen at Sandy Hook lies entirely/absolutely with the mother of Adam Lanza. She bought the guns, facilitated his learning how to use them and then, knowing that he was leaving reality behind, gave him access to the...
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    New Ruger LC9s YES or NO?

    Well, I was kinda hoping "scthman" would provide his reasons for disliking the mag disconnect. However, why would/should the mag drop out in a self defense scenario? If it did unwantedly so, I'd say it was more than likely operator trouble. There is one scenario where you might just love...
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    New Ruger LC9s YES or NO?

    Just asking, I don't own or have ever held the LC9s. What do you find so stupid about the mag disconnect? How does it interfere with using the gun for self defense? How does it affect shooting the gun? Etc?
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    CZ 75b vs SR9c

    Crazy! The SR9c trigger is NOT that/too light.
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    CZ 75b vs SR9c

    Which SR series gun did you shoot - the SR9? From the beginning and even until today, I find the SR9c trigger to be very good. Even Hickok45 said so, lol.
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    CZ 75b vs SR9c

    AustinTX said: I'm with you on this AustinTX. However, I did own a CZ P-01 for a few years and did carry it routinely. I really liked the gun (and would own another), but I wanted something smaller to carry - it was too big for me to carry and conceal. I have now owned the SR9c for about...
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    Difference between straw purchase and buying a gift?

    Next time, tell wife to just give you the money for your birthday. Then, you go and purchase the firearm yourself. Also next time, don't write about it on a gun forum.
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    Target NOT prohibiting firearms after all

    If the open carry movement would just go away, we'd all be better off. Can't believe some of the nuts who think they should be open carrying, or think that they are mature enough to even own a firearm.