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    Father has passed. Going through the collection. Many memories.

    This is so true. Next September it will be 50 years since my dad died, and it still hurts. I'm not crippled by the pain, i just, as crawdad1 said, live with it. And I savor the good memories. Heal well, and get help if you need it. Sent from my SM-G925T using Tapatalk
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    How Long to Hold Grudge

    A grudge is harder on the person holding it than on its target. Don't put S&W in command of your purchasing decisions. That gives them control over you. Your grudge gives you no power over them. Sent from my SM-G925T using Tapatalk
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    Tinted .5 diopter shooting glasses?

    How about buying sunglasses you wear over your glasses...
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    Did you teach your daughters to shoot?

    My situation is the reverse. My son taught me to shoot. I love going shooting with him. Alas, he lives 2k miles away, so it doesn't happen often.
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    Domestic abuse victim wants handgun BUT...

    I agree with jmorris. She probably thinks that brandishing the gun will be sufficient to scare off her ex. She probably won't even load it.
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    Kroger Manager Gives Moms Demand Action Cronies the Cold Shoulder

    I wish I could! Not one anywhere near me. I wish there were; I really like Kroger. Maybe I should start a petition: "Moms Demand a Kroger."
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    Holiday in the States, which ranges to visit?

    +1 on Targetmaster. Used to shoot there regularly. Folks were friendly and helpful. Is your wife is joining you? I found there was no condescending "how cute; the lil lady is gonna try to shoot" attitude there.
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    Hit this poll

    Now 75-25, 400 votes
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    What is an average range day

    Latelly, my average range day has been "gee, I wish I could go to the range today..."
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    Help getting past handgun anxiety

    I am very easly startled. I can know a noise coming and still I'll jump. Constant startling is very wearing on the nerves. It can leave you physically exhausted, emotionally drained, and totally demoralized. At an indoor range I am much better able to handle the noise when the range is full...
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    CNN Corrects Error on Number of School Shootings, Actually 80% LESS

    Fly on the Oval Office wall listening: fact checker: Mr President, after checking all 74 of the school shootings reported by Everytown, I find that only 15 qualify as Newtown-style school shootings. political advisor: Mr President, 74 is the more politically useful number. speech...
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    The mentally ill should not own guns, right?

    Welbutrin is a drug used to help people stop smoking. It's also used to treat major depression. Prozac is a drug that has been used to help young women with pms. It's also used to treat depression. So... is any overseeing agency going to look too closely at why John is taking Welbutrin...
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    "Possibily" Stupid Fireams Quotes ?

    Was the source English? I heard or read somewhere that "revolver" is (or was) the generic term for "handgun" in England. I once saw an old Sherlock Holmes episode where Watson was obviously holding a semiautomatic pistol and Sherlock said something like: Good, you have your revolver...
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    Interesting article from "AMERICAN THINKER"

    The following is strictly my OPINION. I have no citations or statistics to back it up. Don't ask. 1 What this country needs is more law-abiding Black and Hispanic gun owners. 2 What this country needs is more law-abiding Black and Hispanic conservatives. 3 What this country needs is more...
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    MotherJones anti-gun statistical arguments

    I don't believe statistics. Thirty years of working with government statistics has taught me that statistics will tell you whatever you want them to tell you. Just pick the ones that support your agenda.
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    What should really be done about gun violence in the US?

    You lost me at "gun violence."
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    That's it? Is Bingo the formerly bagged cat?
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    I went to Bloomberg's "Everytown" website

    If 1,000 2A supporters each visit the site 1,000 times, that will cost them 1,000,000 pennies, or $10k, pocket change for Mr B. He will will then, no doubt, claim 1,000,000 more supporters. I think that does more harm than good.
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    I picked RKBA because: 1. Acronyms should be as short as possible while still being clear 2. "To " falls into the same categry as "the" and "and." You wouldn't use TRTKABA 3. Swag should not be so busy that you can't get the message in a glance I have also seen RTBA - right to bear arms.
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    NRA membership renewal

    Probably... but all for the same year :)