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    Will this make the 300 Blackout obsolete?

    A few issues with the x39. One, it is not designed to be an accurate cartridge. The .300 BLK is. The .300 is also available in subsonic. The x39 is as well, just not as proliferated. Two, that is a proprietary lower. The Blackout uses standard everything (excepting the barrel of course)...
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    carbine suggestions

    I'd stretch the $600 a bit and advise you to get a PSA AR-15, you can swing them for about $700 if I recall correctly. ETA: For $530 right now you can get a mid-length gas AR-15 build kit from PSA and a lower receiver can be had online for another $50-75 plus what your FFL charges for a...
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    How do you like your guns to look?

    Well, I've only got pictures of my AR when it was new and before I beat it like a red-headed stepchild, but with the wear and scratches and all, it's a beautiful thing. Of course, if you're talking "pretty" guns like my S&W model 27 with a 4" barrel, I'd much prefer polished and pristine.
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    Biggest gun ever!

    Very good, sir. I applaud you, and perhaps whistle approvingly.
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    Newbie looking for first AR-15.. M&P15 vs. Colt 6920

    If it's a defense gun, go Colt/BCM/Noveske/Daniel Defense/KAC/LaRue. Are you willing to bet your life on inferior firearms? The same principle applies here. You can get a colt or BCM for under $1000, a Daniel Defense for just over $1100 with a floated rail. Don't skimp out and bet on brands with...
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    Which AR would it be?

    @precisionrifle, good choice on the DPMS. Look at the M4V7, it has a lighter modular handguard, which will make a handier weapon overall. I've shot the V7, its a very nice package.
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    Which AR would it be?

    You, sir, are getting bs'd on the colt. Look, go to Look at their price on the colt. Trust me, buy a Colt through G & R Tactical, have it shipped to a local FFL. You can buy that Colt for less than $1100 with whatever charge your FFL gives you. If the FFL charges you more...
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    Bushmaster customer service

    I haven't personally had issues with a BM, but they do have a reputation. DPMS is what failed me. Buy quality, and you get a warranty. BCM, Colt, Daniel Defense, KAC, Noveske, this is why you should buy from these companies, not the el cheapo companies. The companies I listed back their stuff...
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    Deciding on a new rifle

    SCAR. Definitely. It's available, it's light, it handles well, it certainly looks very cool, and aftermarket support is catching up to it.
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    Daewoo DR200 rebarrel suggestions

    White Oak Armory? You'll be hard-pressed to find truly accurate match-grade barrels which are chrome-lined. It's an oxymoron.
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    AR Upper

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    Olympic AR?

    You can do better for $600. Get a Palmetto State Armory rifle, or save up a little more and get a Spike's, Colt, or BCM.
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    looking for a hog rifle.

    The Mosin is a good option, as is the SKS. Consider both, the SKS gives you quicker follow-up shots.
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    Am I the only one that thinks these are ugly?

    They're ugly, all right... But ugly kills bad people very efficiently, more efficiently than pretty. Ugly scares the crap out of looters and rioters, so ugly is my go-to gun if and when the defecation hits the oscillation, be that at home, work or on the road, ugly is under the bed, in the...
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    Mk12 Mod 1 Upper Arrived

    @ acamk37, he is using a LaRue mount carrying a Nightforce optic. If you're shelling out for a quality optic, get a quality mount. LaRue is the heat.
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    AR-15 Gas Piston System

    Trust in this. Direct impingement is the better system. Mil-spec components and synthetic motor oil will do wonders where gas piston systems will wear, have proprietary parts, and not be made to any set standard.
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    AR Brand(s) to stock

    And you can get a PSA for $700. Also, far too many Bushmasters/Oly's/DPMS guns have totally crapped out on folks. They have a reputation for failing.
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    M1A or AR-15?

    I'd say the AR is the way to go, but I had a bad experience with an M1A in my early years (something about left-handed and ejection and a really bad burn from hot brass that was caught up my sleeve). It's a heavy, somewhat finicky weapons system in my experience. My AR's have treated me better...
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    Help Me Design my "Nevada Varminter" AR

    With good ammo and a good shooter, that should be sound at 500. A few minor points: Buy a 16" mid-length SS410 stainless barrel from BCM. It will be sub-MOA, if you are (and it's free-floated, of course). Get a Midwest Industries or Loki weapon systems handguard, it will save an incredible...
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    Is the AR 'the' rifle of our times??

    Definitely. I'd say the 5.56 MM is the cartridge of our time, even with the proliferation of the 7.62 x 39 the 5.56 is in use world wide, even the AK-47 is available in 5.56.