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    Contamined My Stash

    Before I did anything to pull the bullets, etc., I would borrow or buy a decent beam type scale and use it to check out the electronic.
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    Powder check die rec.

    I loaded 50 rounds on my LnL when I first got it. I then stopped until I ordered and received an RCBS Lock-out Die. I like it because it stops the entire loader until you find and correct the problem. They are somewhat expensive and being a cheapskate I do use the same on of all calibers and...
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    The Turret Step

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    Any reason 357 brass is hard to find?

    The most economical and fastest way to buy any new brass is from Starline direct. They are much cheaper than their suppliers that carry it, and, orders for over $50 they ship free. Just find your cartridge and get your name on the "notify me" list. They, and I am sure all brass...
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    Oxidation on cast bullets

    I have a few boxes of Hornady .357 jacketed soft points and hollow points left over from the early 70's, still in their original boxes. All of the exposed lead has oxidization.
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    The Turret Step

    To those not familiar, the Lee Turret and the Lee Classic Turret are the only presses that will do what everyone above is talking about. With the Safety Prime, the Pro Auto Disk, and the auto advance installed it will really hum along.
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    Buying Powder Online

    In normal times Powder Valley is the place to buy powder and primers. I think an online purchase of only 4# of powder would be very marginal as to any savings.
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    Hornady LNL AP Question(s)

    90% of the problems I have had with my LnL is because the shell plate has loosened slightly. A steel 3/8" lock washer has taken care of that. I still check it about every 200 rounds. Be sure to read the instructions re: putting a 2" wooden block under your shell plate before you start...
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    CFE pistol powder

    ^^^ Yep. The ultimate authority on all Hodgdon powders and right now the only authority of CFE Pistol.
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    Small tip for those of you reloading new starline brass

    You could leave them running in the tumbler for a month and not tell any difference from an hour, except they would be a little shinier.
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    Small tip for those of you reloading new starline brass

    All of the above, plus, I just dump them in my tumbler like I do my empty brass from the range.
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    dillon 550 and lee powder measure question

    When I moved from a LCT to a LnL AP I moved all my Lee dies and Pro Auto Disk powder measure to the LnL. In trying to learn the operation of the progressive press I didn't want to be distracted by learning and setting up a new powder measure. Since the Lee expander/flare/powder through die and...
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    Buying Powder Online

    I normally buy from PV in multiples of 8# of powder and 10K of primers. They pretty much come out even. However, right now I would say you have a better chance of buying powder locally rather than on line. My last order from PV arrived in January, 2013, and I have not seen my powder in stock...
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    How often do you do an inventory check?

    I finally set up a spreadsheet for my primers and powder because I couldn't find what I had.:) I keep them in separate closets all over the house, usually 10K of primers or an 8# jug of powder to a stash. I have recently started removing it from my spreadsheet when I take out a 1K box of...
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    Extend chamber or open throat?

    It is a lot easier to work on a bullet to make it fit a gun, than to modify a gun to fit a certain bullet. The next bullet you try may not fit your modified gun.
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    6th station? LnL AP

    Before you spend a lot of money changing your setup for the bullet seater you should use it for awhile. I added one a couple of years ago, then recently tried it again. It will go along very nice for several batches of bullets, then, all of a sudden drop all 35? bullets at once. Getting your...
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    Looking for different powder measure

    If you change to another brand of powder measure you are essentially turning your LCT into a single stage. I would work a little more with the double disk kit and/or the ACB.
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    How much time to reload 1000 rounds?

    Setting a goal of 1000 rounds in three hours is NOT where you want start out as a new reloader.
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    locating a progressive press - 6' bench

    Blue68f100 covered it in post 2. With a LnL AP there is nothing you need to do on the right side except change the primer punch. The only thing you really need to watch out for is that there is room for your right leg. I am unable to attach mine to a wall but with 2 1/2" maple laminate on the...
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    12,000 rounds

    After being an acCountant for over 50 years I don't count anything anymore!! I try to keep 1K of 45 ACP and 1K of 38 Super loaded. The rest of my supplies are kept as bullets, primers, and powder. I do have a gallon milk jug about 1/4 full of spent primers.