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    What if you need to fire in a very crowded area?

    Well alot of answers but I guess it would depend on the What is problem. is it just me can I get away or is my Wife and kids with me and there a chance that they will be hurt. Or like someone else posted is it a person looking to blow everyone up. I would say if you can't get out shoot one shot...
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    What's the oldest gun you own ?

    1898 Winchester 30-30 my grand father just passed this last year and my grandmother gave it to me it has been pass along sence it was bought brand new. It is in a wooden box with a US Army stamp on it. I have no clue how old the box is i am trying to find out. the gun looks brand new I dont...
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    Do you carry a back up gun?

    I carry one gun if its my glock 17 it has 2 extra mags at 17 rounds so thats 53 rounds I dont think i will every need more then that plus that always in a sholder holster so it evens out the weight. My M&P 9c only has 12 rounds I have one extra clip I carry my glock 26 also with this.
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    Do you give you guns pet names?

    other that my handguns came with names on the box Smith&Wesson and GLOCK. so I figure if I rename them they wont listen.
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    Help me pick out a snubbie .357 for CCW

    I think a revolver is smoother but when you speak about 357 I think a semi auto handles the recoil better and could hold more shells as for the price most I seen where I am from for the price is high the glock is for about 450 to 550. and where I live snubbie and just a compcat handgun. I guess...
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    Help me pick out a snubbie .357 for CCW

    for those of you who dont seem to read the whole 1st post where did he say it had to be a revolver??? Why tell someone to pay 8-900 on most revolvers that are any good of type or be like some people and have to carry two when you could have one. Glock 33 has a standered 9 rounds with an option...
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    Why do you own a gun?

    I always have a gun because I think the world has showen us anything can happen to anyone any time. Lets all face it time has change its not as safe as the 50's to many people use the wrong way to get there point across. It dose suck but its just the way life is.
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    Help me pick out a snubbie .357 for CCW

    ...12.5 mm / 0.5 in. LINE OF SIGHT 144 mm / 5.67 in. BARREL LENGTH 88 mm / 3.46 in. BARREL RIFLING right hand, hexagonal LENGTH OF TWIST 406 mm / 15.98 in. In my point of view a glock will never fail you *99% of the time. I say 99% because lets face it it still has moving parts.:)
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    does having a gun influence your decision making?

    Yes it dose to me I think about things more if there is a bad situation going on I pay more attition to every thing and am more carfull. It makes me more stand offish I think. Just because I have it dose not make me think I should go to spots that I would not normaly go with or with out my...
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    What is the last gun that you bought?

    I just bought togeather M&P 9c and Glock 27:)
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    Pictures of where you shoot.

    Very nice Hk also like the shovel
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    Help me decide!

    I bought both this month M&P 9c and glock 27. I like them both I would only 100% guarantee my life on the glock:cool:. I also own a glock 17 the has never failed even when I try to make it. the M&P shoots right for me out of the box and dose fit everytime I draw it. I hate the drop mag safty and...
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    newcomer to handguns and ccw.

    What type of gun do you think you will want to get? I also look at where I live to help what type of gun to carry I use a glock 27 and smith and wesson M&P 9c for summer then a glock 17 for winter I just got the subcompact gun this month so Im sure I will keep a backup for winter the G17 is just...
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    Getting a LAWFUL gun back from police in MASS?

    Well Put!!!
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    CCW holders. Would you protect a stranger...

    This is a great question and I love reading all the different answers. I have steped in at a concert to stop this guy from beating his exgirl friend. I watched it all unflod untill he hit her then as soon as I got up off the lawn others helped I had no gun with me. if this was in the street I...
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    Why so paranoid?

    1st I would rather see the girl with the low jeans;). Thats just my point of view I am just shocked I am the 1st one to say it.:what: I also live in Mass wich has the thoughest gun laws in the United States and here if somone sees your gun wide open you might as well stole a baby because thats...
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    Getting a LAWFUL gun back from police in MASS?

    Maybe in the Movies but in the real world everyone has to answer to someone he just needs to keep moving up untill he finds that person it is not a lost case.
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    Getting a LAWFUL gun back from police in MASS?

    2ND 41 Forgive me if I am getting you wrong but are you telling him to forget about his gun that he paid for and just buy a new one and suck it up???:confused: That is nuts if that is the case he paid for it with his own money and no one has the right to take it away. Inless he has become...
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    Getting a LAWFUL gun back from police in MASS?

    I got my gun back. I had a problem a Few years back My cousin came from another state and stayed at my house for 3 days ended up staying in town after my wife ask him to go. He and one of his buddies got hooked on drugs and broke into a house next to me stole a tv The police ask me if I knew...