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    How do you choose between 6.5, 6.8, and 7mm?

    .270 winchester
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    .300AAC & come?

    There's your and Tirod's answer. :neener:
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    New Ruger GP100-22

    Eh... No thanks. Been hoping and still waiting for a .44 mag GP100 5 shot GP100.
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    Hinged Floorplate or Magazine

    Hinged would be my first choice for a traditional hunting rifle.
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    suggestions for a muzzle brake?

    Lantac 7.62 dragon. Make sure to set some money aside for ear pro.
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    Longer buffer tube = less felt recoil?

    ...receiver/charging handle by lengthening the upper receiver itself, which turns it into something of a creation unto itself. I suppose that you *could* go the piston route and move the piston tab/key further forward on the carrier thus allowing more room to travel, but how much more room is...
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    Longer buffer tube = less felt recoil?

    Bolt carrier travel is still going to be restricted by the upper receiver with charging handle installed due to the gas key.
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    West Fork Armory Nickel Boron BCG and trigger group - MULTIPLE ISSUES

    Agreed with the above. Read the same thing and immediately thought the same thing.
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    Upgrade my AR or trade it and buy a better one?

    Option 3: New upper
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    One Gun Man - what's he (she) carry?

    @BSA1: You might want to research 'The Gun that won the West" a bit more... The Colt Single Action Army and the Winchester 1873 say "Hi" as well.
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    One Gun Man - what's he (she) carry?

    What? For survival I'd grab my Ruger 77/357. For TEOTWAKI, I'd probably grab an AR.
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    G3 vs. M14 Which would win military trials?

    Having shot both (well, real G3s and only M1As not M14s) , I would go with the G3. Have a Gold Schützenschnur badge to back it up as well thanks to a sister Bundeswehr unit training swap.
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    New Rifle Time, But Now What?

    You can build an AR to weigh under 6lbs and be only 32" long with fully collapsed adjustable carbine stock or otherwise between 34" and 37" with a fixed stock and a 16" barrel. Just choose the parts that best fit your wants/needs.
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    Which Is A Better .357? Colt, Ruger, Smith?

    Ruger GP100 hands down. Legendary durability and total ease of disassembly.
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    Ruger SP101 3"

    Fantastic revolver, love mine, you'll love yours. It handles full bore loads just fine. Now you just need a 6" GP100 as a bigger brother to go with it! @eb1: That's the GP100 you're thinking of.
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    New Rifle Time, But Now What?

    If you want to stay traditional, then I'll chime in another vote for a 7mm-08. If you want a bit more unique, build a 6.8 SPC AR how you want it. AR and AR parts prices are disgustingly low right now.
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    What's with the gloves?

    The wife has very delicate hands. She can and does get blisters and shredded skin after a few cylinders of shooting. A fingerless 'workout' glove solved that. I only use a pair of coyote brown Camelbak heat grip ct gloves when temperatures are either very cold or very hot.
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    357 Magnum as you're ccw

    3" SP101 for me. 2.25" SP101 for the missus.
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    comfortable vs authentic in rifles

    Resale or Cold Dead Hands. Resale: Do not touch/tinker/alter/bubba/dremel/etc.. Cold Dead Hands: I'll do whatever I damn well please with... You don't like it?! Couldn't care less! (everything I own falls in this catagory)
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    Vortex split fire 3x

    The Vortex Spitfire seems to be a clone of the Burris AR332 and the old Primary Arms 3x compact scope (no longer made/offered) with a different reticle than both. I have the Primary Arms version and if it is a clone of the same quality, it's a great scope that I have been very pleased with...