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    Gun lovers/varied interests

    Besides guns/weapons, I am into: -Scottish Country dancing (10 years and counting) -reading -music (esp. industrial) -cooking -walking in the woods -volunteering in the Metroparks -learning German ("Ich übe Deutsch jeden Tag") -tea
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    Would you defend?

    I can't say for certain how I would react in a situation like the one you describe (hopefully I wouldn't become a blobbering mess), but based on the person I am I would say that yes, I would defend a stranger from someone threatening his/her life. A while back my neighbor was getting violent...
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    These cops don't mess around...

    I like how the narrator says things like, "Still not responding to his request to stop, the officer decides to approach the vehicle and negotiate with the driver face-to-face". Talk about understatement! The narrator says "after a few minutes" but if you look at the clock only about 10...
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    gun for the bathroom?

    Aaand I'm thinking this is the lid for said commode.
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    Favorite Clint Eastwood Movie and gun used

    I've only seen "Space Cowboys". :uhoh: It's one of my favorite movies, though. I've seen guns similar to the one in "Dirty Harry", so I reckon I'd pick that one.
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    OK, so what's a bowstaff?

    Besides length, doesn't width have something to do with differentiating between bo and jo? I thought the jo was smaller in diameter than the bo, and not tapered. All I am basing this on is my (imperfect) memories of a catalog from many years ago. As an aside, my brother made me a naginata by...
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    How many gun related Internet forum posters dose it take to change a rear sight?

    ^^^ The first line of the post also has "does" misspelled. 2 down! Or 1 1/2. Whatever. Also, of the 29 sentences starting with a number, 15 have a period, 1 has a question mark, and 13 have no form of punctuation at the end. :D
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    So his daughter's date shows up...

    10 rules Test1968, that's a great list. Had to wipe off the moniter after reading it. Rule 5's preferred answer of an "early" return could mean 6 am, too. That's early. (At least to me it is. I'm more of a night owl.)
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    Disheartened by "sportsmen"...

    At least you still had your stuff! My best friend and I were at Mal-Wart and someone stole her cart while we weren't paying attention. It had a pair of jeans she was going to buy and her daughter's shoes (Evy wanted to wear the new ones, so her old tennies were in the box) in it, and we never...
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    Sheer MADD-ness: When Drunk Driving Deterrence Becomes Neo-Prohibition

    Oh, I am quite aware of how dangerous semis are, having been almost run off the road by one. Even before that happened I knew of their danger. Make no mistake, I do not linger by those trucks. My judgement is impaired? As opposed to all those people who drive one atop the other at 70 mph...
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    Sheer MADD-ness: When Drunk Driving Deterrence Becomes Neo-Prohibition

    I beg to differ. At least where I live, tailgating is very commonplace, and not just in the passing lane on the highways. People don't realize, or don't care, that if you don't leave sufficient stopping distance, you WILL ram into the car ahead of you if it suddenly stops. I was taught to leave...
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    Sheer MADD-ness: When Drunk Driving Deterrence Becomes Neo-Prohibition

    There's a lot of people out there with poor judgement, though, who will think they're driving safely when they're not. Already, it happens every day. I mean, if everyone were truly driving safely, wouldn't there be less accidents? If only all cars were so equipped! Also, in defense of...
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    Sheer MADD-ness: When Drunk Driving Deterrence Becomes Neo-Prohibition

    If it's an empty highway, probably no one will be harmed, but you can't be absolutely certain, especially if you're zipping along at over 100 mph. I suppose I'm overly cautious compared to other people, but I tend to think "what if", i.e., what if there's someone walking along the road, and I...
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    Sheer MADD-ness: When Drunk Driving Deterrence Becomes Neo-Prohibition

    Are you kidding me? Sure, if it was only 4 or 5 mph over the posted limit, that'd be no problem, but what about the f***er who's doing 50 down my street? That's twice the limit. I have young siblings who often are outside playing. This shouldn't be a crime? As for decreasing the drivers who...
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    Wonder bra that stopped a bullet

    Something similar happened to a woman in Michigan: I would so buy that. :D
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    Shaq with gun

    I think it's awesome that's Shaq's a deputy US marshal. Marshals rock. Shaq helps out — as U.S. deputy marshal Heat star works several hours with Miami Beach police Updated: 4:13 p.m. ET May 25, 2005 MIAMI - He’s Shaquille O’Neal, basketball star and...
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    Movie Pet Peeves

    Oh, good. I was just checking.
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    Movie Pet Peeves

    Hmm. I Googled "sandtroopers" and only found some pics of grody stormtroopers. They should have cool sand camouflage armor if they're going to be called sandtroopers! And to continue in that vein, would there be marshtroopers? How about meadowtroopers? Where does the madness end?!?