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    Any suggestions for a small flashlight?

    Streamlight ProTac fan here, and I've carried a 1L daily since 2011. Morning-noon-night, January through December, and it's always on me. I like the pocket clip since it keeps the light out of the bottom of my pocket and the retention is very snug so it stays in the same spot all the time...
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    642 Club Part Three

    Oh, obligatory 642 shot. This isn't the one I carry now, but it's what tumbled me into this addiction.
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    642 Club Part Three

    I've fallen in love with my 642 no-lock all over again. In fact, we're on a coffee date right now. Over the years, I've come to appreciate its simplicity, function, and ease of carry. One of my friends at work is looking for one now, too, after looking at mine. I truly believe it is one of...
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    Do you clean your carry gun or do you not bother?

    An absolute "yes" after shooting, and a wipe down/lube every now and then to get the dust out of the barrel, etc, for whichever gun I've been carrying. I do wipe down the pistol with a silicone rag if I wind up handling one and before it goes back in the safe.
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    W German P220

    My very first pistol was a 1987 West German P220, which has been a safe queen for years now after many years of being carried. I bought it for $525 in 1992, and it came with 8 magazines, a Bianchi leather holster, 50 rounds of Hydra-Shok (hey, that was good stuff back then), spare Pachmayr...
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    Which Generation Glock and why ?

    As much as I wanted to fall in love with Gen4 for the better grip and overall feel of the pistol, I stuck with Gen2. No finger grooves and the classic Glock look with no rail. I have a Gen2 17 and a 19 and think they're the best in Glock's line up and lineage.
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    Talon Grips

    Had the rubberized model on the XDs when I owned it, and I think it finished the pistol's grip off nicely. If I were to get another pistol with an aggressive grip, or needed more grip for smooth panels, Talon would be my first choice. Very good product that simply works.
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    2nd Gen Glock 17

    Agreed on Gen 2 -- classic Glock lines without the extras. I have a 19 which I bought new in 1994, and a 17 I bought a few years ago that looked brand new. Something about the Gen 2 that makes me love them more than any other generation of Glock. And the non-drop free mags are fun to have...
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    Pepper Spray--The Truth

    So basically it's a crapshoot between Sabre Crossfire and DT 360, both of which are available to me. And you're right, at $12-15 a can, it's a cheap investment for some decent peace of mind and a level of defense that beats going hands on if it's not needed. Your level of knowledge astounds...
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    New OC tool idea - opinions appreciated

    Thanks again to OC Trainer for your gracious sharing of information with everyone. You have shed so much light on the OC market and I appreciate your willingness to help. You definitely have my curiosity piqued with this "new product", and I, too, have to side on the utilitarian use angle...
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    642 Club Part Three

    I carried mine today to coffee, and then to work, and man, it felt good to have ol' faithful with me. I have simple Hogue Bantam grips on it, and it fits my hand so much better than the original boot grips. I've traded and sold various ones over the years, only to come back around and get...
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    642 Club Part Three

    I know it's been a long time since this thread's had life, and I'm hoping some of the wise and old time contributors are still around with their 642's. Anyone asking for a 642 or any goodies for their 642 for Christmas? I took mine out of the safe the other day and slipped it into my pocket...
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    How many is too many for cc?

    Is this a daily routine, or is this more a "how many can I carry today" novelty that you do from time to time? I think I've had my limit at trying two guns, and even that was one time. Carrying too much stuff bothers me, and I hate things in my pockets. If anything, I double up on spare mags...
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    Is anyone changing carry/training distance in light of terrorrist threats?

    No change in my daily carry habits, nor where I go or how I live life. If anything, I'm trying to encourage a friend who now owns a training company to incorporate a "tactical first aid" course to his line up, sharing his knowledge and experience of 25 years in the EMS field. If and when he...
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    Concealing USPC

    I carry a USPc .40 and have for a few years now. Since I'm not a fan of IWB holsters, I use a Mitch Rosen President Express and wear it about 3 o'clock on my hip, and it's very comfortable. I know it sounds cliche', but it is comfortable enough that there are times when I don't know it's...
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    New apartment how to make it more secure

    Security door brace / bar by Master or any of the quality companies out there. Use when home for extra leverage against the locked door, and if you can put it in place when you leave and exit/enter via a garage door (if possible), then go for it. My parents have an older Master bar and it's...
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    What items do you have in your Range Bag?

    I've learned to keep a small notepad and pen with me. I know many shooters record exact rounds shot for the day, ammo used, distance, etc, as a way to track their shooting. While I don't do that, I do write down any issues with magazines, ammo, etc. for follow up at a later time. I also carry...
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    Have You Ever Considered Abandoning Carrying a Firearm Because of Your Temperament?

    I'll chime in and say this: You know what triggers your temperament, where your established boundaries are, and what sets you off and to what level. If you're married or have a significant other, ask them to identify what sets you off since it's easy/easier to ask someone who spends vast...
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    What do ya think about the Sig 229

    I have a P229 that's exactly as you describe, made around 1998. I prefer it to any of the newer Sigs out there and it's one of my few pistols I'll probably never trade. I bought quite a few standard capacity magazines for it, along with mag and recoil guide replacement springs, and had it hard...
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    If you HAD TO carry any NON lethal device

    OC spray for sure. When we travel to California, I carry a Surefire E2DL and that gives me some piece of mind.