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    I Hate My Gunclub!!!!!!

    He was only offended that you weren't using a target because that wouldn't allow him to tell you how to get better groups out of your rifle.:D :rolleyes:
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    What Do Sky Marshals Carry?

    Some qualified Flight Deck Officers have started carrying HK USP Compact's because of a sweetheart deal HK is offering.
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    Your pistol to rifle ratio?

    I have a 3:1 (in favor of handguns) ratio at this point time.
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    What gun do you shoot the most?

    My Kimber Custom II has the highest round count so far at 16,800.
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    Fobus users....

    I have the Fobus GL2LH, GL3LH, SG2LH and C21LH. My only complaint about Fobus holsters is that I didn't start using them sooner.
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    How did you pick your carry ammo?

    I load my own. My practice/competition ammunition and my carry ammunition both come off the same press. I trust me.
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    Spousal gun parity - or not!

    The Boss Lady was afraid of guns when we first got together and has since conquered her fear. She isn't disinterested so much as just not as enthusiastic about guns as many of us are.:D
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    What do you usually bring on a range trip?

    I keep a Glock tool, Wilson 1911 tool, small bottle of CLP, cotton T-shirt and ear pro in my range bag so that all I have to do is stuff a couple of handguns into the pistol sleeves, grab the appropriate ammo cans and head for the range. If rifles are part of the program it may take a second...
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    Glock Inspections????

    This is the first I've heard about this and the shop has three Glock Armorers, including myself, so if it's something Glock is doing I'll hear about it. No big deal, I'd rather have the company that makes my guns offering inspections than not.
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    A challenge.....

    I'll play... Rifle: HK 91 Pistol: Glock 20 Shotgun: Benelli M1S90 Rimfire: Walther P22 with a suppressor.
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    Uh Oh.... another gun got lost.....

    They could be arrested and charged with being stupid in public.:scrutiny:
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    Trading in Sig220 for 220ST?

    I'd save my money and buy it without trading the P220.
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    Car Guns

    In Arizona I can be held liable for any harm caused by the illegal use of my stolen firearm if I don't take "reasonable" precautions to prevent its theft, so my gun stays with me not in the car. Besides that I don't have anyplace to hide one when I ride my mountain bike to work.
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    Tips for a new shooter?

    Practice, lots of practice.
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    SIG-Sauer questions

    I have four SIG Sauer pistols, shoot left-handed and recommend that you leave the magazine release alone. If you learn to release the magazine by pressing the magazine release button with your left index finger I think you'll find that your reloads will be safer and faster. By using your trigger...
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    What is this tank doing?

    I can't take you people anywhere!:neener:
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    Do you think the .17 HMR / .17 Mach II would make a good defensive round?

    NO! Some people are just dumber than rocks.:scrutiny: I hope you told them that would be folly.
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    Do any of you give names to your firearms?

    All of my guns come with names.:rolleyes:
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    The gun on your hip ......

    I just know when it's the right time to carry.:rolleyes: