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    Husband shoots wife to Kill Fox

    Since Fox had a capital F, I thought it was about Vincente Fox.
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    Suppressors @ the Range = very cool

    Several companies take the Ruger Mark III and put on an integral suppressor that looks like a heavy barrel. It's really cool because it doesn't look like something "evil." And they are so quiet that the loudest sound is the action cycling.
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    Question about Safariland speed loaders

    Turn the speedloader so the holes are up. Insert the rounds. Put your hand or a stiff flat surface such as a piece of wood on top of the rounds. Turn the speedloader over so the bullets are resting on a flat surface. Push down on the knob, then turn until you hear a click. When you...
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    How hard is it to change a gas block on the AR?

    I have an Ar with a fixed front sight. I would like to put on a new gas block with a rail so I could attack a folding front sight. Does this require much in the way of tools or dexterity? I have only a little of each.
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    failures to ignite in snubbie

    Currently I am not cleaning primer pockets on the .38s. I usually do on rifle cases or when the brass on the .38s looks really dirty. I'll give it a try and maybe buy some federal primers. I thought I was pushing the primers in pretty hard, but who knows? I stand the cases up to make...
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    NICS check; why no serial #/gun check

    If you think that information would not be stored, you have never spent any time around government agencies.
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    failures to ignite in snubbie

    In .38 I usually load HBWCs for a Ruger Security Six I shoot in a target league. I decided to try some of these light loads in my snubbie and got about 30% failures to ignite. I switched from Winchester to CCI primers with no change. The snubbie sets off commercial loads fine. (It's a...
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    Why is my Lee Turret Press Deforming My Brass????

    I did the same thing last weekend. I thought I had installed the right shell holder in the auto primer and kept getting poor primer seating. It took a while for me to fact the fact that I had done such a stupid thing.
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    Brady Bill 1994, did it have an effect on crime?

    I didn't say it was easy. In fact I said there was a lot of paperwork and regulation. I didn't say it was a right of the people. I just said that folks who say there's a ban are wrong. Are you disagreeing with that? I don't understand the point you are trying to make. The point came up in...
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    Brady Bill 1994, did it have an effect on crime?

    Just as a little comment and leaving aside the main topics here, Luxembourg does not have total gun control. I don't know why both the NRA and the Brady group say it does, but it's not true no matter how many people say it. It is not that hard to own a gun in Luxembourg. There are gun...
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    Is the SIG556 the ultimate "AR"?

    I had a chance to handle the FN Scar at the Midwest 3 gun, which feels ergonomic and is easy to strip.
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    Italian Gun Laws

    I don't know the laws in detail, but Italians do love to hunt, especially for migratory birds and hogs. I've also been to an IPSC match there, near Florence. In most of the European countries where I do know the laws it's possible to own most types of guns if you are law abiding and willing to...
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    Ricochets (Got a friendly lecture today)

    Weird ricochets certainly occur, but I have seen and heard plenty of people confuse the supersonic crack with a ricochet.
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    Any one else get tired of "random shootings" in their area?

    I doubt they are "random." I think that's media-speak for "I don't understand why." But I know what you mean.
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    Two theoretical questions about home defense

    Opinions differ. I think everyone needs to analyze themselves first. Are you the kind of person who cannot shut up once you start talking, especially under stress? If so, the less said the better. My plan would be to say something like "he tried to kill me, I defended myself, over there is...
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    I'm so tactical that...

    I'm so tactical they made a whole episode of Weaponology about me.
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    Letter To NYC Police Commissioner

    I would have put in a reference to 42 U.S.C. 1983.
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    "Zumbo" revisited - why can't we seem to repeat that epic act of activism?

    Both Smith and Wesson and Ruger have different ownership than when they caused the boycotts. As far as I'm concerned, the boycotts are over. Zumbo has gone as far as you can expect anyone to go in this matter. He showed he was open to a new idea, and spoke up when his words were used against ARs.
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    Ithaca 37 ?'s

    Not only is it inaccurate, it will mess up your trigger work for other shotguns. But it's fun.
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    How effective is .223 against cars?

    At the FNH 3 gun in Missouri we had some targets half hidden behind cars, and it was OK just to shoot right through the car. It worked with the .223, except for the engine block. And these were older American cars with lots of steel. The comments about stopping a car is a different thing...