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    'Scout' pistol?

    I don't really think it would be useful, but I think the closest you could come (excluding pistol versions of rifles like the ar-15) would be something like a Glock 20 racegun with a 6" barrel.
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    S&W Model 22A - A Good Buy?

    I vote for a buckmark (not the camper model) or a ruger Mark II depending on which grip angle you like better. I haven't been that impressed with the 22A.
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    how come .357/.44 magnum don't come in autoloader style hand guns?

    I've always wondered if it would be possible to angle the cartridges in a magazine upwards. This would let you fit longer rounds inside a shorter magwell. You wouldn't be able to fit as many obviously.
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    Help! Glock 20 / 29 Question

    I think the G20's barrel is 4.6"
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    American Made Mosin

    I don't think that is actually American made. Just imported and sporterized commercially.
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    FFL around Plano Texas

    Check out in Lewisville. They are $25, and a pleasure to do business with.
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    Supreme Court could take guns case

    I don't understand that argument at all Baba Louie. The 2nd amendment never says anything about "Free States" I have no idea how he inserted that phrase into the discussion. The 2nd amendment just says " the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Not the rights of...
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    Most Potent .30ish Handgun Round

    I've heard rumors about a 10mm cartidge necked down to .30 called .30 Armscor. I haven't seen too much in the way of detail, but it should be a screamer.
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    WTK: Thumbhole stocks pro and cons - hunting

    I think they are more appropriate for fixed position shooting than walk about shooting like you are talking about. A thumbhole stock will work just fine for that duty, and if you like the ergonomics get it anyway. That being said, if you like the Military style ergonomics, and are getting 223...
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    FAL for lefties?

    I'm happy shooting my FALs left handed with no mods.
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    Opinions on 10mm Glock

    I like my G20 a lot. I have never heard anything negative said about it its longevity even with super hot loads. You can also buy conversion barrels in .40 that let you shoot cheaper and more available ammo. They only cost $100-$150, and will pay for themselves in a hurry if you don't...
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    Academy must be crazy.

    I think you will find a lot of places asking more for that barrel.
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    Open carry feedback please, NM / AZ

    I've openly carried in Santa Fe quite a number of times. Very rarely did anyone even comment. Do keep in mind however, that it is a felony to carry a gun anywhere liquor is sold. In NM, this is just about everywhere. Gas stations, many walmarts, and virtually all restaraunts are strictly verboten.
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    10mm nuclear option

    There are more than a few people reporting loads exceeding 1000 ft lbs with 10mm through a 6 inch barrel. Of course, that is with lighter bullets that wouldn't be appropriate for bear.
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    Do you think a 15 year old can handle a .308?

    I think it will depend a lot on the child's size and experience, but also on the specific gun. Some guns will recoil much more heavily than others with the same caliber. This effect can be magnified greatly by a poor stock fit. That being said there is no reason at all that most 15 year olds...
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    What models have fixed barrels?

    Most .22 autloaders have fixed barrels.
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    Public pistol range in Dallas/FW area?

    DFW gunrange is an indoor range with the biggest selection of rental pistols I know of in the area.
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    $1000 3-Gun Challenge - Another Look!

    I am sure I would vote for a used Glock 17/22 as the pistol of choice. You should be able to get one for $350 if you are willing to wait for the right deal. Mags/parts are easy to get for little money as a plus. I think a used 870 would get my vote for the shotgun. You could probably pick one...
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    Consensus on the "most stout" 10mm handgun

    I haven't gotten a chance to play with an S&W 10xx pistol, so I can't speak for them. If I was going to shoot a bunch of heavy loads, I would pick a G20 with an aftermarket barrel, and a slightly heavier recoil spring. It is a big beefy pistol originally designed for 10mm. The slide has more...
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    Dogs and SD Shooting

    My lab doesn't mind the sound of gunfire at all. He will try and play with me while I am shooting a .308. My other dog is terrified of any loud noises, and I think it would be a heck of a job to de-sensitize her. Whenever I used to take her out shooting she would hide in my truck at the...