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    Help me pick a 9MM carbine

    I have a Beretta and like it. Good Accuracy. Takes FS Mags..... Now to buy a 92FS....
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    8-shot .357 revolver

    I can attest to the 627 PC as well as the 625 PC. Both Great Guns
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    Flash! Daley will not run for reelection!

    I always thought that Illinois would be the last state to get a right to carry bill. Now its possible that Wisconsin will be the last..... I'd like to dream...
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    Glock, new barrel, no lead, kaboom, no worries HELP??????

    Currently loading 9MM for both the G17 and the G34 using Titegroup they crono @ just under 1100 using 115grn barry and rainier (plated) bullets. I do not shoot Lead exposed in any of my glocks. Every round loaded on my Dillion goes through a chamber No-Go Guage. It it does not seat it does not...
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    If only every state could be like IL (news article link)

    They do not get it.... as mentioned prior... an armed society is a polite society.... We just a had a bruttle attack on two young ladies... two persons attacked them to rob them. They used a baseball bat to frature their skulls.... The young ladies are in the hospital in rough shape. I...
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    Do you like Dick's Sporting Goods?

    Nope, and for the reasons noted in the following post! Now if you want a gun store, in our area it is GAT Guns (Guns, Archery, & Tackle)
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    Ever worry about where guns you sold/traded off are now?

    I'm with blackbeard.... Have not sold one yet.... That reminds me, I need a bigger safe.... Only acquired my first guns in 1996.... My oldest is a 95 year old 1911, that will stay in the family as it has since 1940! Don't offer!
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    Shooting Glasses: Prescription or Contacts?

    I use soft Contacts. I'm near sighted and see better with contacts than glasses. I find it easier to find appropriate safety glasses than perscription glasses. Meaning it is easy and cheaper to go from clear, yellow, darken, or vermillion color lenses, than getting different shades of...
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    Rifle Upgrade ???'s

    First of all.... Welcome aboard... I've been looking at a hunting rifle in 30.06 for myself. Looking at the New Winchester 70, the Remington, and Ruger. Another rifle that I have been impressed with is the Savage. You get allot of value for the money, which you can then put in to a great...
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    Not again.......! Feral Hog Control in East Texas

    Where in northern wisconsin are the pigs? I have property in Price county
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    Ammo more available

    Revolver..... Out Where? Are you everywhere??;)
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    45-70 vs. 12 ga. Coach gun

    I have property in Wisconsin with bears on it. We see the signs and the dens. Whenever I'm there, I'm carring my 686 .357. Have yet to have a problem with the black bears. They tend to stay away from us. Just this year, a 400 pounder was taken within a few miles of the property.... I would...
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    Primers: Substitue Lg. Rifle for Lg. Pistol?

    Thanks for your replies....
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    Primers: Substitue Lg. Rifle for Lg. Pistol?

    With the shortages of Primiers, I was looking at some large Rifle Primers and noticing that they are the Same Size. Can a Large Rifle Primer be used in a Large Pistol case? Would there be a hardness issue, which would could cause miss-fire event? If they could be used, what would the effect...
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    Not again.......! Feral Hog Control in East Texas

    Wasn't that mud trick done in a movie.... One with Arnold and an Alien Hunter.... The Alien used inferred vision and the mud blocked Arnold's heat signal.... Was the movie called "Predator"?
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    21 foot rule equivalent for dogs?

    Just to make this simple.... The 21 foot rule for human's (2 legs) should maybe be 40 foot rule for Dogs (4 Legs). Twice as many legs, twice as quick.... Now I'm not applying any science to this formula.... Just looking at the double leg power.... If I was a conceal carry person and a dog...
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    Not again.......! Feral Hog Control in East Texas

    Thanks for the educational post!
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    Calling All Wheelgunners - Choosing a New Front Sight for a Custom S&W

    Low Light..... Gold Bead would be the same as any other in low light..... No Light would be Night Sites. I have used a 625 with a gold bead and a neon red ramped site. I prefer the gold bead for all around shooting. AS for Night Shooting, get a good flashlight or laser. With interchangable...
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    Question: Proper tightening of Ejector Rod on 625?

    RC, Thanks.... Dr.who