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    What are your favorites??

    1911 BHP/P-35 Cz-75
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    Loading the 38 Super

    Look at HS-6/Win 540 and CFE Pistol.
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    Favorite & Least Favorite Gun Authors?

    Favorite: Brian Pearce. Least favorite: Mike Venturino.
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    348 Win neck expander for lead bullets

    Buffalo Arms expander works well. Have one in .348 and for .450 Alaskan.
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    Best 1911 Ever

    For God's sake, buy what you like, or don't. Don't try and convince me that my XX$ 1911 is a stupid decision, or that my favorite 1911 should be a Glock. Nice gun Jimmy.
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    Getting a barrel throat reamed

    OK. Curious why you need that degree of precision and would you hold the smith responsible for .001" precision in depth?
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    Need a new holster

    I carry 4", "N" frame S&W's. For hunting/field use I like the "El Paso" "Tanker", or whatever they call it. Works with a coat and backpack, even insulated coveralls if you zip the front down for access. When it's warmer I use a Kirkpatrick belt rig that's fairly comfortable.
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    9mm is too snappy.

    9mm out of a 1911 or P-35 is not, what I would call "snappy". In fact, is a pussy cat from the 1911 and very manageable in the P-35. I would fault your platform, not the caliber.
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    Getting a barrel throat reamed

    "High precision equipment"? Have used Manson Finish Reamers (by hand) to lengthen leade on a dozen pistol barrels, all turned out perfect. If you've had issues using "hand" reaming I suggest you're using the wrong reamer or doing something wrong. Manson's reamers are self piloted and basically...
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    45 Colt and Loading Lead

    95% of my cast bullet loading is for hunting revolvers. I use gas check KTSWC's and WFNGC. Due to substantial recoil I've found it important to have enough case tension in addition to a heavy crimp to prevent bullet "jump".
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    What's your favorite finish on a 1911?

    ^^This, but Virgil's been out of the HC biz for several years... Now I settle for AP&W/Bob Cogan:)
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    Sight regulation on a fixed sight .357 Mag Freedom Arms Model 97?

    Geez. Yes, a "hot" 180 should print higher. Call FA, explain your problem and have them tell you what the gun is "dialed in" for.
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    Help young guys understand the 1911, three questions

    "...full length guide rods ad a touch more weight in the front of the gun helping in recoil. also pretty standard in Bull Barrel guns. The 1911 works with either, as its function is to only hold the spring straight. I prefer 2 piece though do have bull barreled 1911's that have the FLGR. "...
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    Springfield 1911, "Loaded Operator:" best all around 1911?

    I had a "Loaded" 9mm that was the worst, most problematic pistol I had ever owned. My vote would be an STI. I have had good luck with their guns at that price point.
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    Show me your favorites

    That's a tall order. A few of them:
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    Does the transition from SA to DA shooting on hammer fired guns bother you?

    Doesn't bother me a bit; all my autopistols are single action...
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    Picking a new DAO snubbie in .38 Special

    Mod 12-2 (alloy frame "K" frame) with single action capability removed.
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    Wheel Guns for Aging Gun Toters

    The long discontinued mod. 12 (alloy "K" frame) in .38 Special is my favorite "carry" revolver.
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    Favorite 9mm handgun

    One of these (1911's are <1" @ 25 yds, P-35/BHP is a one inch gun): Colt 1911 9mm: FN P-35 (BarSto barrel): Baer 1911 9mm:
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    What kind of sights do you like on your revolvers?

    .....I have one with a red ramp front / white outline rear and one with a fiber optic front but I don't shoot them as much and find that when I do, they seem to force my eyes to focus at the sights and not the most important thing "the target"...... With respect; this is in direct contradiction...