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    Red dot for Mossy 500...?

    I've heard decent things about TruGlo's line of red dots. Check out this one. Personally, though, if I were looking for a budget optic, I'd save a little more and buy a Vortex SPARC ($199, found here) or Vortex Strikefire ($169, found here). StrikeFire might be a little too tall for a...
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    Example of bad training.

    Anyone see this video yet? Other examples of bad training in the guy's channel. He's going to fool around and kill someone.
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    Sig 226 elite or equinox worth it?

    Oh side note, I actually got the P226 Elite Dark. The Dark model is really interesting, because it has aluminum grips thats are very easy to hold on to. However, I think SIG switched back to plastic/rubber grips recently on the Dark models? If you can find one with aluminum grips, check it out...
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    Sig 226 elite or equinox worth it?

    I carried a standard non-rail P229 .40 for years as my duty weapon, and eventually got the bug to stick a light on the front, so I took the opportunity to upgrade to a full-size P226. When I went to the gun store to look around, I picked up a P226 Elite .40 for $100 more than the regular P226R...
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    Looking for the right size auto

    You can get a lot of nice guns for under $600. Check out a Sig Pro 2022. Some other ideas include Beretta PX4, Walther P99, or Springfield XD. Also, are you completely ruling out rifles? If you shoot outdoors with at least a 100 yard range, that's some good fun, and there are plenty for under...
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    Choice for Concealed Carry in .40sw

    Check out: The .40 guns are half-way down the page. The Glock 27, which I carry every day, get's my vote. It's a fantastic weapon, very reliable, great capacity, won't break the bank, and it's one of the lighter choices.
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    automatically chambering the first round?

    I can get all my autos to do it if I move the gun toward the magazine with enough force or slide the magazine into the well and then smack it home. The force of pushing the gun toward the magazine transfers to the slide release and causes this to happen. It will probably happen easier if the...
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    Home defense - shotgun and which handgun?

    I'm in the same camp that believes the Judge is probably a little gimmicky. The .410 Winchester Super-X has 5 000-buckshot pellets, which is really the only worthwhile round in the .410 loading IMO. I'm not convinced the .410 winchester PDX is anything other than an interesting idea. The .410...
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    Are Shotgun Heat Shields Usefull?

    I have the stock heat shield on my 500a Cruiser, and it's pretty useful. Two or three shots makes the barrel warm, 5 or 6 makes it too hot to touch. It makes loading easier because I can grab the heat shield and control the weapon during reloading instead of having a subconscious concern that...
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    clarification of slugs

    I did some slug testing of 1oz slugs a while back, and I found that the Federal TruBall slugs were the most accurate, delivering a 1.75" grouping at 50 yards and just a hair over 4" at 100 yards. Remington slugger, Federal classic, Winchester classic, and Brenneke KO all had groups of 8 inches...
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    Best gun play in a movie?

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the new "Miami Vice."
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    That Spas has a few things going for it. The folding stock is usually more desirable to collector's than the polymer fixed stock, and the attached carry hook only adds to the value. The magazine extension adds more value, just make sure the spring still has good tension. The barrel is the...
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    Montreal campus shooting: Gun control doesn't work.

    Well, I'm sitting here watching the news coverage of the shooting in Montreal, and I keep thinking how sad it is that these shooters are nearly unchecked because of the strict gun control laws Canada has had for many years. This is just further proof that gun control does NOT stop criminals...
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    Makes a person wonder

    Best? Hardly. Most well-known and well-funded? Absolutely. And yes, I am a member.
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    Gander Mountain and Walter Birdsong

    Update 8/19/06 I got a call yesterday from Gandermountain, my magazine came back in.... Here are the pics. The left magazine is finished in Black-T. It is a German Sig made 12-round P229 40S&W/357Sig magazine. It was made in 1996. You can see the...
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    Reality Police shows from the early 1990's

    There was one about the LAPD solely. It wasn't bad. "LAPD: Life on the Beat." Apparently it's still being made, too... Also there was a series of videos called "Police Stop!" that aired on Sky One and had a short lived video career, mostly used as training tools...
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    Revolting! Man in Seattle gets Swat team sent on him for having 3 handguns

    Raptor, you're new here, so I'm going to fill you in on what this forum is all about. If someone's civil rights could possibly have been violated by the jack booted thugs (police), nobody cares about the facts. The facts are just useless pieces of information that cloud the truth. What you're...
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    C&R question re: address

    So, I got the forms for my C&R the other day. I looked them over a couple times, but I have yet to completely fill it out... I have a question first. Obviously this is something maybe only the ATF could answer for me, but I want to see how many other people found a way...
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    Lol...talked to a "Marine sniper"

    There's this 19 year old kid I see around town every once in a while. He once told me and a friend (who frequents this board, he'll confirm this) that he made a hydraulic-assisted suit of "power armor" made entirely from depleted uranium, it's 16 feet tall, he transports it by walking it into...
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    Are there any 40 fans out there?

    It's the most used and most requested caliber by USA LEOs.... so yes, there are quite a few .40S&W fans out there. And, for the record, my duty weapon is a .40S&W Sig P229.