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    So what Is The Gun You Always Come Back To?

    Glock 19. It's big enough to have the capacity I desire, small enough to conceal should I need to. Not to mention it has the best ergonomics of any pistol I've carried to date... I know... ergonomic + Glock. It's chambered in 9x19 which you can get just about everywhere, the recoil is...
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    Our favorite DEA agent to be on NBC

    I recently had the pleasure of being in a training environment with some former co-workers of that agent.... None of them had particularly good things to say about it, and to state the obvious - he broke several policies and procedures during that incident. I have it on good authority...
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    Where is Cen-Dex ??

    The site is still down... does anyone have any info???
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    Where is Cen-Dex ??

    I would like to know as well... I was just looking for some more holsters. Frank did pretty good work, I've got 3 of his holsters now.
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    Florida Shoot?

    I'll be working.
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    The High Road logo/Molon Labe clothing for sale, order by August 31st!

    I've got a TFL Molon Labe long-sleeve T-shirt from Correia from before THR was in existence. It's still in great shape, and I was quite impressed by it. No problems.
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    Cleaning up pepper spray

    I just used a paper towel this morning to clean up some "overspray" from some "lighthearted exposure training" at work. Hopefully nobody rubs their eyes after working around the printer. :D
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    Goodyear tires anti-gun

    The only tire company that makes the required tire size for my vehicle is Good Year....
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    Paypal Ban on buying guns and Hi-Cap mags

    I just closed my account... and included this comment: "I will be discontinuing my membership with Paypal due to the policies of the company in regards to shooting sports and firearms related purchases. Along with myself, several friends will also be leaving the service and will...
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    how many knives do you carry?

    I just got geared up for work... and right now I've got: S&W Rescue Knife w/window punch. Benchmade Mini AFCK w/ Tanto blade and thumbhole. Benchmade Leopard Spyderco Spyderench. The Emerson Commander is currently out of service for reasons I will wait to discuss until a later time.
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    Warning U S Marines!

    :D Right Click -> Save As New desktop and something to send to my Sgt. @ work.
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    HOT to the touch?

    I burned the stuffing out of my hand while qualifying with my CZ75B for off-duty carry. It only sat in the sun on the bench for about 5 minutes while I qual'd with two others, and by the time I went to pick it up with my spare mags I almost dropped the thing it was so hot. The Glocks were...
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    Florida Shoot?

    Jeff, I am quite familiar with the area. For Gunshops in the area: B&H Gun Rack on Merritt Island. Take 520 Eastbound from I-95 or Westbound from US-1. It is about 1/4 mile East of SR 3 (Courtenay Parkway) on the South side of the road, right next to the Olive Garden. They are a LE...
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    A refreshing local article ...

    Yeah - it's a nice facility to use - especially since you can talk the rangemasters into loading programs into the targets. Nothing like seeing how fast a mover comes from 21 feet, etc. The ventilation is great as is the lighting and target holders. I really dread going to the indoor...
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    New Fed AG / ATF pull a rotten trick !

    I love this last bit: "Maintaining open lines of communication is vital to the successful future of ATF’s partnership with the import community." With policies such as this implemented - there won't be an import community with whom the ATF can "partner" or communicate with. -sigh-...
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    Successful Home Defense ...

    I think we need to arrange a Brevard County Shoot sometime soon. Weather's great lately. :) I'll try and ascertain whether or not the firearm was returned to the owner or not within the coming week. I'll let ya know what I find out.
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    Successful Home Defense ...

    Heya Dave! Yeah - by all accounts and evidence it was a good shoot. Agent Heyn is a good guy and I talked with his partner about the incident recently. The general consensus is that the victim - (and by that I mean the woman whose house was broken in to) - made one hell of a shot, and was in...
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    UN coughs up 69,000 dollars for guns

    I wonder what the $99,000 "Specialized Security Equipment" is. :scrutiny:
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    Equipment Selection for A Visit to the Sandbox...

    Well - I'm no expert but I'm going to say that since these guys aren't "shooters" or "operators" it should be kept somewhat simple. Keeping that in mind I would second all the comments on making sure that the guys are familiar with their weapons by throwing ALOT of rounds through them...
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    Be Honest What Do You Really Carry??????

    At work and about 10% of the time off of work it's a G22 at all times. It's usually accompanied by a G27 and/or Beretta 3032 INOX. If I'm not at work it varies between the G19/G27/Beretta depending on my mode of dress and where I'm going. Everything is carried in Cen-Dex rigs, except my...