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    Great duck ammo

    I've tried all kinds of steel shot, but I'm most impressed with Kent Faststeel 3" #2 in 1 1/4 oz loads. Hope everyone has a great waterfowl season.
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    Ruger Single Six Vaquerro 32 H@R mag

    I'm thinking of getting one. Would love to hear your opinions. Also, for reloading, what diameter bullet (.312, .313, .314) and weight seems to work best? Thank you for any info.
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    3-D archery shoot today. (pic heavy)

    Archery is the best! Bowhunting is the most rewarding form of hunting IMO.
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    Canadian gun laws

    Did I mention how much I hate those Frenchie liberal kaweers! I say point the missles north!
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    Canadian gun laws

    What about ammo?
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    Canadian gun laws

    If a US citizen is going to drive through Canada in route to Alaska, is he allowed to transport handguns in the vehicle?
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    Bersa .380. Not bad.

    Mine has been flawless. The main reason for the price, Bersa doesn't advertise, so they can keep the prices low.
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    Cheapest 9 mil please

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    9mm....please educate me

    Thanks for all of the replies. I find your opinions to always be helpful.
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    .45 Colt Blackhawk - 1st Range Trip

    Very nice group. Good luck hunting!
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    9mm....please educate me

    Would I regret getting a 9mm instead of a 40 S@W or 45ACP? (I already own a Bersa 380) What are the different 9mms? What ammo/bullets for SD? Thank you for your opinions and advice.
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    Thoughts on Bersa 45 UC Pro

    What do you guys think of this gun? Is there a better 45 auto for under say $600?
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    The Battle of the classic .380's!

    My Bersa has never let me down.
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    CAS/SASS Shooters - what holster is easiest on the revolver finish?

    The key is your gun is nickeled. It's not gonna show holster wear like a blued gun will.
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    Cleaning a nickeled gun.

    I have been told to be careful on what kind of cleaners to use on a nickeled gun. So what you recommend so I don't eat away the nickel? Thanks for any advice.
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    380 ammo

    Am I the only one having a hard time finding 380 ammo? What the heck is going on?
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    Colt SAA, Nickel or blue?

    Which finish do you like best? I pick nickel.
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    40 vs 45

    What's your opinion?
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    Why single action?

    Because there ain't nothin' better than a Colt SAA.