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  1. MrBorland

    What groups to expect from an AR15

    Just to follow up on this, I posted the dimensions of the 100Y reduced Prone Slow Fire target (MR-31) used by slung-up High Power shooters use. You can use optics up to 4.5x now, but when I shot , it was all irons. When shooting prone slow with my match-grade 20" service rifle and 77gr SMK...
  2. MrBorland

    2 mystery 22's.

    I had one of those too. Mine was definitely a wall hanger.
  3. MrBorland

    First S&W .22 revolver, S&W 17-2

    Well, dang - I've got a nice (Grant Cunningham-tuned) K-22 in my safe (and a matching K-38). I'm feeling guilty for not shooting either in a long time. You guys are making me think I should probably let them go to someone who'd put them to good use.
  4. MrBorland

    Classic Revolver are coming out the Wood works

    And this is a big reason why I think guns are a lousy investment and why I'm not a collector: Guns are a lousy investment because the collector will likely die before selling, at which point they become an undue burden to the heirs, who'll have no idea what to do with them. They feel their...
  5. MrBorland

    Is This A Deal?

    Yes, if you part it out, it can make sense. I may end up doing that myself... ...if it's set up the way you want. But the size of the market that wants/needs any particular specialized custom rifle because it's just what they want is likely pretty small compared to the market for a factory...
  6. MrBorland

    Is This A Deal?

    Maybe true, but if resale is ever a possibility, the numbers strongly favor a factory rifle, IME.
  7. MrBorland

    New Blue Python, take 2

    The Piedmont. Access to beach and mountains. We’ve got water and sunrises and subsets, too. And we generally only get grazed by hurricanes, and our homes don’t wash out to sea. 😉
  8. MrBorland

    Collection is Complete … Now What

    I well know the time pressures that come with parenthood. No matches for me right now, and I'm lucky just to get to the range when I can. That said, competition (or practicing the skills) is really good for skill development. If you're a 6-shot speedloader guy, look into IDPA. If you're an...
  9. MrBorland

    Collection is Complete … Now What

    Pick one and gain mastery by shooting the batsnot out of it. SA, DA, target accuracy, speed, gun handling, movement, reloading (as in ejecting empties & getting fresh rounds in), multiple targets. Lots to do, even with just 1 revolver. Get yourself a decent kydex holster, a par timer, good...
  10. MrBorland

    Trying Small Bore Rifle

    I got out today with my CZ452 American. Since I was planning on shooting prone with a sling today, I shot a couple of smallbore targets to warm up, even though this rifle isn’t a Smallbore rifle. Anyhow, two consecutive targets. Same ammo, same everything, except a reloading & a re-mounting of...
  11. MrBorland

    40 S&W becoming extinct?

    IME, if you reload, the .40S&W is a terrific cartridge and well worth shooting. I don't know if it still is, but it was favored by gamers, since, downloaded a bit, it was a soft-shooting cartridge that made big holes in paper. I used it to good effect for that very reason. I didn't worry about...
  12. MrBorland

    Trying Small Bore Rifle

    It does. I have a CZ452 UltraLux with BRNO front & rear apertures. The front insert set looks much like what @243winxb posted. A properly-sized front & rear aperture makes a big difference in getting a good and consistent sight picture.
  13. MrBorland

    Are you happy with your new Python??

    Few would actually pay for "the gun that earned the reputation", but lots would complain about the price. Besides, AFAIK, Colt no longer has the tooling nor the human skill to build originals. Still, from what I've read about the new Pythons, there are a few things Colt could've done better. An...
  14. MrBorland

    The Best Combat Rifle Nobody Wants

    I'm not a tactical kind of guy, but the trappings of tactical gear seem to get the bandwidth, so what I do appreciate is that you actually get off the bench and practice actual practical and tactical shooting drills. Kudos to you ;)
  15. MrBorland

    Thank your RSO, pay attention - close call with a squib

    @MEHavey and @9mmepiphany called it, methinks. Still, a squib in a match can be hair raising. BTDT. Good on the RSO. ;)
  16. MrBorland

    Two of S&W best ever

    The 686 hits the sweet spot for me. I like K-frames, and I shot N-frames ok, but when things sped up, I did best with one of my 686s.
  17. MrBorland

    Trying Small Bore Rifle

    The SB target is a pretty high bar with your setup, IMO. If you intend on eventually shooting it 3-position, it'll get even tougher. Check out the CMP Rimfire Sporter targets @Jim Watson mentioned. RS is designed around minimal everyday gear, so the target is more generous. You might just be...
  18. MrBorland

    Opinions On This 303 British Rifle Please

    I'm late to the party, but I wanted to chime in because an Enfield - also given to me by my father - is what got me into shooting. It was my Dad's deer rifle he used as a kid when hunting with his uncles. A 1942 Lee Enfield he bought as a kid from a barrel of cosmoline for about $10. As a kid...
  19. MrBorland

    S&W 686 trigger/hammer issue?

    On one hand, any revolver I bought new (or even used) got a deep internal cleaning before shooting. IME, there’s a surprising amount of (likely abrasive) stuff inside the gun when it leaves the factory. On the other hand, a Bud asked me to do an action job on his minty all-forged no-dash 686...
  20. MrBorland

    Looking for a new 6mm

    @rdnktrkr - PM sent