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  1. J

    BCA CHF Barrel Deal

    Bear Creek is currently selling most of their CHF barrels for cheap for the 4th of July.
  2. J

    Springfield Armory's SA16-A2

    Y'know what I think would sell better than this? (And these will sell.) This exact configuration in 308...and just to get someone's knickers in a twist, make a 6.5 Creed version too. THAT'S a "battle rifle". A 16 inch 556 flat top with a red dot will do everything this will do and do it better.
  3. J

    BCA CHF Barrel Deal

    They should have 15% off around Memorial day. They have a 16 inch medium contour CHF Nitrided Stainless barrel I want to build a RECCE around.
  4. J

    BCA CHF Barrel Deal

    Bet this would do what you're wanting
  5. J

    BCA CHF Barrel Deal

    FINALLY finished building out the SPR build with the 18 inch CHF Nitride/Stainless Strike Fighter barrel I bought years back. I'll be doing a Reddit post on it sometime next week. I'll DM it to you. Shame those barrels are disco'd.
  6. J

    BCA CHF Barrel Deal

    Looks like has the BCA 20 inch 308 CHF barrels under their house brand "NBS". They're currently on sale for $96. Shipping is $8.99. BCA listing for comparison...
  7. J

    45 Colt in a Rifle

    Since we're all a bunch of enablers here, buy a Rossi 45 levergun and don't worry about it 😁
  8. J

    9.3x62 vs .375 h&h

    Rifle and Cartridge for Alaska? This
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    Changing Barrels on an AR

    Switching to another 308 barrel? Should all work fine.
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    Double Triple Trigger

    I like my cats too much to investigate further
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    S&W Response safety recall Feb 2024

    Good old American companies...
  12. J

    6.5 grendel or 6.8 spc for boar

    The battle was fought a decade ago and the Grendel won. Thanks to the new ARC cartridges, it's not going to change. Plenty of support around for the Grendel. The 6.8, not so much. Just don't tell Constructor.
  13. J

    Wanting to build a light(er) weight AR

    This barrel (quickly. They're disco'd and accurate) V7 Titanium gas block. Timber Creek Enforcer CF handguard Titanium TD/Pivot pins from the manufacturer of your choice Personally, I'd build it off a ZEV receiver set...
  14. J

    Beretta BRX1

    They look very cool and I love what I've seen, buuut...barrels are too short. Give me a 24 inch chf stainless or cmv barrel (not carbon fiber wrapped) in 6.5 Creed, 270 Win, or 30-06 and I'll be a buyer. 22 or 20 and I lose all interest.
  15. J

    BCA CHF Barrel Deal

    Reddit post with pics.
  16. J

    BCA CHF Barrel Deal

    36 and mid divorce.
  17. J

    Best 308 for $600'ish?

    I believe this would qualify
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    BCA CHF Barrel Deal

    I'll share the pictures here when I post. So far, I've only posted about this here and on AK Files. It occurred to me yesterday this would make for a good Reddit thread. Nothing posted over there yet. TFB had pretty good luck with an upper using the A2 Barrel...
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    BCA CHF Barrel Deal

    Haven't taken any yet. I'll do so on Monday when I put together a Reddit (I know) post on this whole experience. Again, won't be building them out for a while. Maybe not even in 2024. Too many other projects.