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    Are you content with your collection?

    Mostly, that is For the most part, I am content. Our needs have changed since moving to the country (thank God). Most people know not to come onto your land unless you're expecting them and/or you know they'll recognize your car. SNEAKING onto someone's land is just flat stupid out here in...
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    What is the last gun that you bought?

    Kimber Ultra Carry II. I have a chronic need to own one of these. The first one I owned I (idiotically) sold. The second one I sold because I wasn't happy with the fit and finish of that particular gun. This one....ah. Perfect. Well, once I get some night sights on it, it'll be perfect...
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    Crimson Trace for SP-101

    I have two SP101's, a snubbie and a 4", both in .38/.357. The snubbie is a bit lively with .357s but the larger gun is fine. (And I'm 59, female, with rheumatoid arthritis, so...) I am not find of Crimson Traces. Had them on a Kimber and they really seemed to not be worth the bother. There are...
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    Recommend me an ankle revolver please

    A J-frame Airweight is certainly the best bet. My favorite revolver is my Ruger SP101 in .37/.357 but it's awfully chunky for ankle carry. Be aware that, depending on how much room there is on your pants' lower legs, you may print REALLY BADLY unless you pick a very tiny gun or get baggier...
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    Best SD diet for the XDs 45?

    Rather than hijack the other XD thread I'm jumping off in a slightly different direction. I have a new XDs in .45 and while it's utterly unfinicky about FMJ, it seems a bit more picky about JHP. It is possible that it was balking at the Speer short-barrel JHP stuff (we are awful about chucking...
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    Interest in guns fading.

    I'm certainly in the "I'd rather shoot my .22's" camp. As my arthritis has gotten worse, my ability to really shoot for very long with the larger calibers has shrunk fairly dramatically. It's like housework: I need to do it, I grit my teeth and really pitch in and do it when necessary, but...
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    Do you let your destination determine what you CCH?

    No. But what I'm wearing does. Jan
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    Any city slickers here..

    Raised in southwest Missouri, but now living in suburban Houston. With a ranch in Llano, Texas. So I guess that means we're both. Jan
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    Convince me on a ccw

    Joe, first, welcome to THR. You have a ton of questions about guns, carrying, and the laws of the state of Texas. You've gotten some good advice here. If you want to do some learning about the laws, let me direct you to the Texas website...
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    Hit a bobcat today

    More likely he'd been eyeing a yearling doe. Since you're down here you know the rut is nuts. We left the cabin last night (Llano) to return to the Houston area, and as we got into our car, Rich heard something around the side of the cabin. Flicked on his flashlight and....there went a big...
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    Ok Texas Deer Hunters a question

    The regulations say to eyeball it in relation to the ears. If they are at or past the ear tips when the ears are in their normal position, you're good. If in doubt, take a picture instead :neener: It's cheaper than a fine... Jan
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    Game Kings, vs Core Lock vs Interlock vs Whatever

    I really like the Core-Lokt. I have shot them for several years in my .243 (Remington 700) with great results. My new .270 currently lives on a diet of Federal because Gander Mountain had a GREAT sale a few weeks back. However, I'll probably put it on a diet of Core Lockt tomorrow, as I left...
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    I love the new .270 except for....

    Many thanks for the informative replies. JD, I'll check out the cheekpad you've pictured. It certainly is cheaper than a new stock, if it works. And yes, it is a very "sticky" stock. It has a wonderful recoil pad, is heavy as a ton of bricks, no recoil problem for my "weenie shoulders" :D...
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    I love the new .270 except for....

    ...shoot that rifle the same as I shoot all my other rifles. Nothing particularly funny I can think of. Where on earth did you get the idea that *I* am "jerking my head back"? I have no flinch. I have no fear of scope bite, have never HAD scope bite, and I do know how to shoot...
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    I love the new .270 except for....

    ...the synthetic stock. Two weeks after zeroing the thing in, I'm still having neck problems from what can only be described as whiplash after I rested my cheek on the stock. Mind you, the recoil on my SHOULDER is just fine. All the worry about would a .270 be too much is nothing. Unless you...
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    Question about TV show "Chase"

    And I'd point out that the female character who is the lead on the show DOES carry a shotgun, every time. Thing makes my hands hurt just to think of firing it. Jan
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    Help me pick a new gun!

    No collection is complete without at least one Browning HiPower. Easy choice. Jan
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    My Wife FINALLY said the Magic Words!

    Hooray! Have fun!!!! And say goodbye to your favorite firearms. They're all about to become hers. (See, I can say that because I am female :evil:) Jan
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    Semi-Auto or Revolver in Freezing Vehicle During the Winter?

    Functionally speaking, as long as the oil doesn't congeal, it probably doesn't matter much. I'd choose a revolver because in the cold (especially in the cold) my arthritis wouldn't let me clear a jam if, well, if somebody had a gun to my head. Which, while I was trying to clear said jam, they...
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    Bolt gun - Wood/Blued steel vs. Synthetic/stainless

    :rolleyes: Or there's synthetic/blued steel.... I got my birthday present early (I have a VERY good husband). It's a Weatherby Vanguard .270...olive drab synthetic stock, blued barrel. It's the rifle going with me for opening weekend of deer season. I will say that wood "feels right"...