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  1. Pete D.

    Help! 410 reloaders

    Comparable short wads? Ballistic Products sells a few. Short, longer, full length
  2. Pete D.

    Spring fired bamboo gun with non-metallic boolit

    There is a fine stand of bamboo growing around the corner from me in Brooklyn, NY
  3. Pete D.

    What's your rarest gun?

    Rare guns. Hmmm. I do not know if anything that I own is particularly rare. Uncommon maybe. Left to right……three Bulldog pistols in .38 S&W and .32 S&W (iirc). The one in the middle is from Forehand and Wadsworth. The others are Belgian knockoffs of the Webley. The underhammer is a .50 cal...
  4. Pete D.

    rock salt: Lethal or not

    Salt in my shotgun barrel? Nossir. Not my gun.
  5. Pete D.

    Suppose I wanted to reload .410 shells…

    I reload a lot of .410s, usually three inchers. I use 2400 as my go to powder. More often than not I load them on a MEC 600. I buy bags of primed hulls from BPI. Never a problem. notes: waterglass is ok as a Sealant if you are going to shoot the shells fairly quickly. If you are trying to load...
  6. Pete D.

    Source for barrels w/ rifle sights?

    Also, Gun Parts Corp./ Numrich Arms
  7. Pete D.

    Trap gun for a beginner

    I am curious. Why is there little mention of the BT-100?
  8. Pete D.

    Tell me about vintage Ithaca SxS’s

    Thanks for clearing that up. I was, in fact, referring to the post about the Lewis.
  9. Pete D.

    Tell me about vintage Ithaca SxS’s

    I have an Ithaca Flues in 12 gauge. I like it. It shoots well though it does not weigh anywhere near six pounds…more in the 7.5 range. i do not shoot it as much since a found an old Parker that I like.
  10. Pete D.

    20" vs. 22" Turkey Gun

    Good hunting all with Springfield/Mossberg/etc.
  11. Pete D.

    Something new, 22lr reloading component's

    For that kind of money you REALLY have to want to shoot at things far away. I must admit that the idea intrigues me. Fortunately, I do not have that much disposable income, Would love to see a target.
  12. Pete D.

    Subsonic 223 loads for AR pistol

    Blue Dot and Sierra 77s. You are ready to experiment. Load development.
  13. Pete D.

    Barrel break in?

    Just go shoot>
  14. Pete D.


    Exactly. BBs saw extensive service on stagecoaches in the borderlands between England and Scotland in the 17th century through the mis 19th. As well, the BB was a practical weapon for use on ships at sea.
  15. Pete D.

    What is the most recent knife you bought?

    Got It today. Handy little item
  16. Pete D.

    Who regularly shoots a gun older than they are??

    A few. A model 10 S&W, a Mk.VI Webley, an 1873 Trapdoor carbine, a 1876 Martini Henry, an M1, an M1 Carbine.
  17. Pete D.

    What is the most recent knife you bought?

    A Kershaw spring assist folder.
  18. Pete D.

    Have you ever sold/bought reloaded ammo?

    Not anymore.Thirty years ago when I did not know any better, a fellow in my club asked me to reload some brass for him. I asked him what gun he had used. I told him very clearly that the ten rounds that I gave had to be used in the same gun that he told me about. The rounds were neck sized. Next...
  19. Pete D.

    Any SXS Shooters?

    I went to black powder for upland hunting before my spine went bad. Not a SXS though. I use a flintlock Fowler. Forty two inch barrel and six pounds four. 16 gauge. Points like a wand.
  20. Pete D.

    Any SXS Shooters?

    Nothing points like a SXS