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    $300 for a handgun?

    Furncliff got it right, CZ-82s are a fantastic deal at that price point. A dozen rounds in the magazine, ambidextrous safety, DS/SA, cocked and locked capable, CZ quality, easy to shoot, and most are lightly used.
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    Which Cartridge Shortage Is Causing You the Most Angst?

    I was pretty much prepared for the last shortage and have more ammo on hand for this shortage as well. The problem is psychological. Sure, I have nearly 9K rounds of centerfire rifle ammo in my four major calibers, a thousand in the others, 5K rounds of centerfire pistol/revolver ammo and maybe...
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    New Ruger 10/22 ?

    Don't know about picking up a 10/22 local to you but you can still order the BX-25 magazines from Ruger. They are on back order of course, but if you are patient you can get them at $31.95 each plus shipping. I just ordered two for $73.90 with shipping.
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    Assault weapon ban Thursday

    It would be interesting as I'd guess the current SCOTUS would reject several of those proposals...yet it's hard to tell what SCOTUS would look like a few years from now when any challenges would eventually get there...
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    Plinking/shooting around legal in national forest?

    Sounds like there are some regional differences here. I live out West, Montana. National forests here only have restrictions on some heavily used hiking trails near urban areas, which seems eminently reasonable to me. Otherwise, whenever going out to cut firewood, I always bring some firearms...
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    New York Discussion in Progress

    New York Assembly discussion Listening to the debate in the New York State Assembly, the current discussion is about a limit change from 10 rounds to 7 rounds in a magazine. The opponent asked why, the reply was, "So you can illegally kill fewer people with one magazine." Note, if you already...
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    kel tec sub2000 thoughts / reviews

    I've had one of these for a few years. I was prepared for a gun with some teething problems and mediocre accuracy but liked the compact form factor and magazine commonality with Glock pistols. I did have a problem with the gun right out of the box which was pretty disappointing. Customer...
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    Monster Hunter Legion out today, and book tour dates

    I usually 'read' books as audio books, including tha Monster Hunter series. I get them from Thanks for getting them on there Larry, it's been fun listening. I also have one of the signed copies from when you were selling the first book here. Congrats on your success!!
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    New SP101!!

    I have one of the 3" models as well and find it to be a very handy size gun to carry and I feel it packs a lot of 'wallop' for its size. It showed Ruger's willingness to buck the status quo and not make it's small .38/.357 the same size as the J-Frame. Definitely a 'keeper'.
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    S&W 438/638 Bodyguard

    I have a 638 that's on my carry rotation. Nice piece, easy to shoot, reliable. Good buy.
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    Lets see those...MILSURPS!

    I'll pitch in pics of a few of mine. Pictures I happen to have easily at hand. Czech CZ-82 (9x18 Makarov) Yugoslavian SKS (7.62x39) Spanish FR-8 (7.62x51) Two Soviet Russian M38s (7.62x54r) Soviet Russia SKS Carbine (7.62x39)
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    Lets see those holster worn wheel guns

    Something a bit different... Ruger Single Six I used to carry hiking and dirt biking 'lo these many years ago.
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    duracoat gold and titanuim

    I'd like to see the results myself!
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    Mental Health and Firearms Ownership, what do you think?

    ...Health (NIMH), approximately 26 percent of American adults over the age of 18 suffer from some type of diagnosable mental disorder in a given year*.", how many people would end up in this 'unable to possess firearms because of a mental illness diagnosis' category? Would a mental evaluation...
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    CZ-75 compact or why not a CZ-82?

    The '82 is a great way to get into CZ quality with only a little scratch. Ammo is plentiful, quality is excellent, accuracy is impressive and ergonomics are superb. I don't believe there is a better deal in firearms available today. Use cheap steel ammo for practice and pick up some quality...
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    First mauling of the year

    I too hope for the rapid recovery of the fallen hunter. I appreciate hearing from the folks up North who have direct experience with bears. I always find it annoying that people post from the lower 48 that have no experience with the large bruins yet write as if they know the issues involved...
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    How does fitness fit into your overall strategy?

    In a fight between two fighters of reasonably equal fighting skills and of a similar size, the fighter in the best condition will likely win the fight. In a fight, stamina is critical! Even if one fighter has more skill but is out of condition, the other fighter only has to stay in the fight...
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    US PALM Defender Body Armor

    I've been considering this product ever since I saw it. I've not purchased yet but feel it's a viable product. Gives pretty good protection for COM plus the ability to hang a holster, a couple of magazines and a light with a few MOLLE additions. Gives a go-to location to get quickly armed and...
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    Best Truck Gun

    Wide open country gives a different perspective on what to carry in the vehicle. Several reasons drive the consideration of a long arm. The distances involved and the armament of potential adversaries. The extended time it can take for law enforcement to show up. The potential trouble...
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    Useless Firearms In Your Collection

    By the definition of the OP most of my guns are useless. I have Hunting rifles although I haven't hunted in years. I have Hunting shotguns although I've not hunted in years. I have a .44 Mag Revolver for a bear gun but don't normally carry while hiking. I have 2 5.56 AR-15 clones...